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I’m spending the weekend in Boise with my best friend whom (who?) I haven’t seen since my WEDDING. We have babies who are only 6 weeks apart so expect a lot of pictures. :) In the meantime I”m sending out a plea for some help.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I never buy gifts for TH. Not because I don’t want to (I think picking out gifts is challenging but fun!) but because he doesn’t really like it. He would rather get the things he wants on his own (unless it’s something huge like a house or a trip to Europe, people are free to give us though if they so please :)) and so I’ve accepted that’s who he is and love that more of our gift budget can be spent on me. Ha!

This week though, he told me there is a gift I can give him that he would really like. The perfect haircut. He doesn’t want me to cut it myself, he wants me to figure out what the perfect style for him would be and tell the barber what to do, or find someone who specializes in actually styling hair according to a person’s face/bone structure. He also wants someone to tell him the exact products to use to achieve the results he wants.

I’m not good at this type of thing!

The picture above us us on Memorial Day. We can go see someone in the middle of Washington where my parents live, we’d be up for going to someone on the coast around Seattle, or we would wait and go see someone in Chicago. I’m hoping one of you can give us a referral (we don’t want to pay $100)in one of those areas. Or if you have the skills can somehow Photoshop a picture of him to show what he could look like with a different style? Just kidding. Not really, go ahead if you think you can do it.


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  1. I think your husband needs Edward Cullen hair.

    Just kidding.

    Kind of.

    Marissa Reply:

    My boyfriend has Edward Cullen hair! I can send you a pic if you want teehee :)

    Sandra Reply:

    Oh my gosh can I see?

  2. I don’t know much about what hairstyle he should get, but I can give a good recommendation for the Chicago area.

    B. Rose Salon in Lakeview:

    I personally recommend stylist Erin. She does my hair all the time and knows her stuff. I always ask her for recommendations and she’s always spot on. I have seen her cut men’s hair while waiting and it always looks great. It is on the pricier side, but under $100, more like around $50 for what you’re asking for.

    Let her know Naomi recommended you. :)

  3. That is so nice of him to think of something like that for you to “give” him! My husband has crazy wild thick hair that grows in like 17 different directions. He sees Corinne at Red7Salon in Chicago, and I have never liked his hair more. She makes great recommendations on style, as well as products. I think he pays about $45?

  4. Can’t help with the hair. But my husband is similar when it comes to other types of gifts. To make it easier for me to always get him something he actually wants/needs he keeps a “wishlist” on kaboodle (actually, every one in his family does). That way when birthdays and holidays come around we actually gift each other things that are wanted, instead of guessing. It’s most helpful for the guys, but nice for the girls as well. I don’t have to keep track of what kind of video games my hubs is into, and he doesn’t have to try and remember which purse I said I wanted. Win-win!

    Jessica @ One Shiny Star Reply:

    The website is

  5. I dunno about actual places to cut his hair, but DH went through many incarnations–starting from shoulder-length with sideburns(ah, high school) and progressively shorter–and now has a pretty traditional, almost 50′s style. It’s short on the sides and back, longer up top, and parted to the side. It looks very classic and I think would flatter TH. He seems to have a square face shape which is fairly similar to my husband. I’m not sure if your huband has thick hair, but mine does, and this style is also very good for thick hair.

  6. Whoa! I have no recommendations to share but that is a hard gift to figure out! I would have no idea what to tell S if he asked me for the same thing :) Hopefully you’ll find an awesome stylist for him – good luck!

  7. I actually think TH’s hair looks really great in that picture above! (But what do I know, I’m pretty sure my husband’s had the same haircut since we met in high school eight years ago.)

    Is there something that he doesn’t like about his current style? Does he have a weird area that doesn’t behave or something? (Because the whole right side of my head doesn’t behave, ever.) I’m a believer in finding someone that I really trust and saying “do whatever you think would be best!” and try not to micromanage them at all.

    Maybe you should send TH to a salon for just a trim of his regular style a couple times and see if he likes the hairstylist and if he trusts his/her judgment before taking the big plunge on a new style. I think the scariest thing is going to someone new and asking them to make a big change before seeing how they work.

    Anyway, whatever you decide I hope you share the outcome!

  8. I know I recommended her before (she said she was bummed the timing didn’t work out) but Cortney at Salon Soca in Lincoln Park works wonders. She cuts Ross’s hair, too, and while it’s definitely pricey, it might be worth going once and just asking what style she recommends and letting her go to town. Also, they have free trims/clean-ups attached to that hefty price tag ($45 for a guy’s cut) and though I think you’re technically supposed to only go in a month later, we’ve pushed it to two or three before. She’s really nice and so great at what she does.

  9. For a very long time, my husband wanted to achieve just the very thing that TH wants. He would go to barber shops all over Seattle, and they would butcher his hair. Finally he saw Cindy at Tiger Lily Salon in Seattle, and she rocked it for him. She cut his hair perfectly for his face and taught him how to use the right products. I won’t let any one else touch his hair! For guy’s cut she charges $32

  10. I live in Boise!! Maybe I’ll run into you! :)

    I am no help whatsoever in the hair department, my husband shaves his head!

  11. For the last 12 years I’ve been going to Robert and Cris on Montrose just west of milwaukee (in chicago). Robert is AWESOME! The only bad haircut he’s ever given me was one i requested and he recommended I shouldn’t get. I usually give him a general idea of what I want and he does his thing. And he’s uber affordable – I don’t know his prices for me, but my last cut was $20 and it was a drastic change from long hair to above the shoulder with lots of layers.

  12. My husband swears by Halo: They are a male focused hair salon ad the stylist there know only deal with men so they know what to do, how to instruct and the prices are very reasonable. I think he pays $45 for a hair cut, with a hand treatment and a warm towel facial.

    They have recommended some toes of shampoo for him and he has been going there for three years every six weeks. Plus they have multiple locations, if you want the name of the stylist that my husband likes, let me know. He goes tot he Lincoln Park location.

  13. My boyfriend and I go to Jill at Mario Tricoci in the 900 N. Michigan building. She is fabulous, and we both have been going to her for a few years. Her haircuts run about $50 but they grow out very nicely. The BF has been a bit delinquent in going to get his haircut for a month now, and his hair still looks nice with the use of some hair product. The salon does offer a promo for referring a friend, so if you are interested, let me know :)

  14. I say get it cut in Chicago so he can go to the place again and get it replicated. If he gets a cut he loves in the Northwest, well he can’t very well go back again!

  15. The only advice I will give you is this: I would go for a hairdresser in Chicago. You want to keep up with it right? So it better be the same person… go in Seattle and you have to explain all over in Chicago. Take care and enjoy your vacation!!

  16. Hey Jenna,

    I saw that you’re in Boise. How exciting! It’s fun here. Based on your twitter feed . . . you need some farmer’s market info. I would go to the downtown market, and I love the peaceful belly stand. I’m taking a garden class from them this summer, and they do an amazing job. It’s also an organic farm. As far as restaurants that focus on local/organic foods, I like Fork (downtown), Locavore (in Bown Crossing–maybe doesn’t always live up to its local name, but still), and Red Feather (also downtown). There, I’ve given you unsolicited advice. I can’t really help with the haircut decision.

  17. I haven’t been here before, but I remember ladies on a message board I frequent talking about 7 Salon in Seattle or Bellevue. They take in to consideration your bone structure, coloring, etc & give you a style that best suits you. So maybe that’s an option, if you’re in the Seattle/Bellevue area?

    However, I also kind of agree with the pp that said you should find someone in Chicago, so that the upkeep is consistent.

  18. Who, not whom. Whom is an object. Who is a subject.

    I think his hair looks very good as-is! What doesn’t he like?

    Sharon Reply:

    In this case you want an object of the verb seen – “I haven’t seen *whom* – because the phrase “my best friend” is the object that equates to “whom.” Sorry to be a grammar junkie.

    The haircut results will be fun to see.

    Sandra Reply:

    No need to apologize. I’m happy to learn!

    Anya Reply:

    Sharon is correct. A handy trick someone told me long ago for figuring it out is to restructure the sentence to replace who/whom with he or him. The “m”s will match. So, “my best friend who(m) I haven’t seen since my wedding” would become “my best friend, I haven’t seen HIM since my wedding”–thus it should be “whom.”

  19. gosh, I think he has good hair already- but really- any professional should be able to look at your bone structure, and tell you what would look good- I’m pretty sure they learn that in school!!

    $100 for a mans haircut is nuts! I would never pay that much ;) it’s nice to see someone else won’t either!! Although, I do think you get what you pay for… I mean my hubbs has gone to a supercuts, and had them butcher his hair!

  20. I am lucky because my husband cuts his own hair and has since high school, which is nice on the bills- let me tell you- but also not so nice since i am the one who has to feel guilty when i have to get mine done… :p

    BUT even though he doesn’t cut his hair, I have heard that “Rudy’s Barbershop” in Bellevue does a nice job on Men’s hair…can’t promise you anything, but might be worth checking out! :)

  21. I’ve been lurking for a long, long time, but I just wanted to share that I know a great stylist here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (just east of Spokane). She’s my SIL and as much as we’re trying to save money right now, I still make my husband go to her to get his hair cut. She does an amazing job and she even did the hair for my wedding and it came out perfect despite my fidgeting. Anyway, she works at Bloom if you’re interested.

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