Photo Session Outfit Picks (Baby Edition)

Dear fellow photogs: Does the color on this look a bit wonky to you? I think it looks a bit red/orange, but I’m on my mom’s computer and I’m not sure if it’s just her screen.

I have a nice long post planned with dozens of favorite photos from my time in Boise, but I don’t have those edited yet so I thought I’d give you a little preview and talk for a moment about how I chose T1′s outfit, and the advice I gave my friend for her little girl’s clothing (we’ll call her Baby L).

We were doing the shoot on Friday evening, and on Thursday night after I unpacked the car we went to Gymboree to try to find some outfits for our shoot. Some general rules for picking outfits out are:

Avoid very trendy items.

Avoid logos or phrases.

Avoid flip-flops.

Nothing too baggy.

Nothing too loose.

I personally ask my clients to avoid wearing diamond white. It’s easier for me to expose for your face and give you clearer, brighter skin if I don’t have to worry about overexposing your shirt.

We actually chose T1′s outfit first, and tried to coordinate Baby L’s outfit to it, because I think boys are generally harder to dress. I feel in love with those little capri/shorts (they are technically for an 18-24 month old but I wanted him to be able to grow into them, and I love that they have a bit of an androgynous look) and I didn’t love the shirt but the price was good and it was one of the few logo/character free items in the store. As you can see from the picture on the left, it is also too big for him (made for an 18-24 month old as well) but I tried to compensate by shoving the excess into the back of his pants and ditching any photos that show his backside (the photo on the left is actually a reject that I saved just for this blog post). His brown sandals are a pair he already has purchased at Costco and made by Jack and Lily.

For Baby L we didn’t want something that matched, we wanted something that coordinated. Looking back at these photos actually think his outfit looks a bit heavy compared to the lightness of hers, but we only had 10 minutes to pick them out before the store closed, and I think they work together (plus they weren’t really cooperating and so they didn’t pay any attention to each other anyhow!) She has on white¬†espadrilles¬†that she already owns, and we picked the pants because they echo the green in his shirt, and the top was sold to match it.

Someday That Family will have a portrait session, and I plan to dress in darling coordinating outfits and tell you all about it. And Kelli Nicole will take our pictures. Someday!

7 thoughts on “Photo Session Outfit Picks (Baby Edition)

  1. Color looks normal on my MacBook – it’s not calibrated because I edit on Ross’s computer, but it’s darn close.

  2. My colors look normal too. The photos are beautiful!! It’s my first time to your site and I think it is very sweet! Great job!

  3. I love how that pink pops! Looks so cute! I’m such a fan of those crazy pigtails too.

    I love somedays… someday I will have this and that… I think it is good to dream and think about what your future will hold.

  4. Love the pics and the color looks normal to me. :)

    Just curious why you suggest avoiding flip-flops???

    Jenna Reply:

    Hairy feet and toes just arent a good look

    Jackie Reply:

    So I’m guessing that’s not a baby specific suggestion?

    Jenna Reply:

    Haha, no. Feet just aren’t very attractive, you know?

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