Grey and Yellow

You guys.

I’m helping my friend plan her wedding (she is doing it all in one month, ONE MONTH) and I’m in heaven. I forgot how much I loved this! Can other people in my life please get married and ask me for advice? Also I now know that I *have* to have a daughter.

Back to my friend.

I’m looking for your favorite grey+yellow inspiration photos, as well as things that incorporate wildflowers, lace, burlap, twine, childhood photos, cupcakes, or twinkle lights. That’s about as far as we have made it in terms of things she would like to incorporate, and I’m doing my best to act as inspiration gatherer and filterer. She has an extremely limited budget and not enough time to get too wrapped up in insane details, but I want to help her personalize her wedding as much as possible.

The wedding itself will be at the Seattle temple, the same temple I was married in, on a Friday afternoon. They’ll spend time with family, and the next day then will come back to my hometown for a simple and sweet backyard style reception. Right now I’m urging her to figure out things that she and her groom share a love for (she said they love exchanging mix tapes, and she wrote him letters for two years while he served a mission in Japan) to see if there is an inexpensive detail we can flesh out and utilize throughout.

I’ve started a Pinterest board that I’m going to try to edit down as our ideas develop. If you’d like to start one and send me the link I would love to follow it (Lisa made one which you can see here!)

Sadly I won’t be here for the wedding (I have a wedding in New Hampshire that same weekend), but my mom is the photographer and I plan to bug her for the photos so you can see how it all comes together.

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