Grey and Yellow

You guys.

I’m helping my friend plan her wedding (she is doing it all in one month, ONE MONTH) and I’m in heaven. I forgot how much I loved this! Can other people in my life please get married and ask me for advice? Also I now know that I *have* to have a daughter.

Back to my friend.

I’m looking for your favorite grey+yellow inspiration photos, as well as things that incorporate wildflowers, lace, burlap, twine, childhood photos, cupcakes, or twinkle lights. That’s about as far as we have made it in terms of things she would like to incorporate, and I’m doing my best to act as inspiration gatherer and filterer. She has an extremely limited budget and not enough time to get too wrapped up in insane details, but I want to help her personalize her wedding as much as possible.

The wedding itself will be at the Seattle temple, the same temple I was married in, on a Friday afternoon. They’ll spend time with family, and the next day then will come back to my hometown for a simple and sweet backyard style reception. Right now I’m urging her to figure out things that she and her groom share a love for (she said they love exchanging mix tapes, and she wrote him letters for two years while he served a mission in Japan) to see if there is an inexpensive detail we can flesh out and utilize throughout.

I’ve started a Pinterest board that I’m going to try to edit down as our ideas develop. If you’d like to start one and send me the link I would love to follow it (Lisa made one which you can see here!)

Sadly I won’t be here for the wedding (I have a wedding in New Hampshire that same weekend), but my mom is the photographer and I plan to bug her for the photos so you can see how it all comes together.

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  1. hmm… i like those colors, a lot! I’ll gladly help hunt. Let me get on that, since obviously work is over rated!

  2. I got married last May in the backyard of a bed and breakfast. We hung round cafe lights over the tables, and it was beautiful. We got them at Target for something like $7 a box. I think we ended up paying around $50 for the one thing that made the biggest impact. It made the place look magical! (PLUS, I sold the lights on WeddingBee for a little bit of a profit!)

    Here’s a picture so you get what I’m talking about. This isn’t my wedding – just a quick Google search:,r:0,s:0&tx=107&ty=63.

  3. Well if she is on a budget she can’t get white cupcakes from Costco and they make these cute yellow and white tea cakes for very cheap…then maybe go to Ikea and get the big glass thing and fill them up with yellow and gray m and m’s….you could probably make your own little fondant buttons out of gray and yellow and put them on the costco cupcakes.

    There’s my budget idea of the morning pre-coffee.

  4. Burlap is going to be such a great material for her! I “made” myself a burlap table runner recently. Basically I bought a few yards of burlap, decided I wanted it to have crisp edges down the sides (as opposed to the rough cut) so added a few inches to the width I desired, cut, and ironed the edges under. I just frayed the ends of the table runner by pulling out a few of the threads and it has lasted for about 6 months already.

    Another great option for burlap is to make burlap mats for any photos/mementos she might want to frame. I used a real mat from the craft store I got for 99 cents, but on a bigger scale she could cut mats out of a heavy card stock or poster board. Here’s a link:

    The burlap mat looks really great with a frame that is spray painted oil rubbed bronze (about $5 from Lowe’s). I think it would also look excellent white. That’s another thing. Any frames she might need she must buy them from the thrift store. Personally I have better luck and find way better prices at Salvation Army than Goodwill. I am still kicking myself in the butt for buying new frames for my own wedding two years ago.

    Another burlap project: For a really simple way to work in the couple’s initials/monogram, she could cover a frame or canvas in burlap and paint their initials on:

    And yet another burlap idea, this time a simple wreath:

    These thumb tack “vase fillers” could also really spice things up! I love them both the natural metallic of the tack and painted:

    Yet another idea for a great, inexpensive material for her is craft paper. I got a huge roll at Hobby Lobby for $5. I’m not exactly sure what she would want to wrap, but I think this mix of raffia, lace and craft paper is stunning and simple!

    I also love these mason jars tied with raffia with the floating votives: I paid for mason jars (about $10/dozen) but she could ask friends and family to save their pasta sauce jars.

    Lastly, tied ribbon around ANYTHING looks fabulous. I’m sure you’ve seen it on bride and groom chairs at the reception, but here it is in a lovely little halo that could be hung:

    Jenna Reply:

    So many great suggestions. Thanks Brittany!

  5. I have tons of grey & yellow stuff pinned on my own boards, I love that color combo! Just tagged you about 6 of them :)

    Jenna Reply:

    How do I see where I’ve been tagged?

    Julie Reply:

    It should notify you in your email (you are @jennacole right?) Let me know if it doesn’t work, I can make a board – I was just lazy earlier :)

    Jenna Reply:

    I probably have all notifications turned off (I don’t like a crowded inbox) but I’ll see if I can turn them back on just for tags

  6. I love glass bowls filled with twinkle lights and other little objects. At Christmas I always fill a square, glass vase with lights and pinecones. Wrapping a vase in burlap and then putting battery-powered lights in it would look amazing!

  7. How about Amanda aka Mrs. Cardigan from Weddingbee? She did a yellow and grey theme, and was pretty true to her inspirations board with lots of little DIY that was manageable.

  8. My wedding was grey, yellow, and light green. I will definitely start an inspiration board on pinterest with stuff! yellow and grey is still one of my favorite color schemes! I have tons of stuff I saved when I was planning on my desktop…unfortunately, I don’t have the sources for most of it anymore. :/

    Mandy Reply:

  9. This made me finally start my detail recaps. I just got around to pie today, but my “inspiration board” is up! (though it’s not really an inspiration board, its just stuff from my wedding, but I didn’t notice what else to call it). Which is not yellow and gray at all…

    You can kind of see it in some of the pictures but we used lots of twine. We used it to tie the programs together (though I know that LDS weddings don’t have those!) and to hang the “reserved” sign off of wine bottles (also probably not for LDS weddings…but you could do something like that for table numbers and a non-alcoholic bottle).

    As far as letters go, what about something with wax seals? For table numbers or place cards. Use the new initial of the last name, or just a pretty symbol. Dang now I wish I had thought of that, it would be cute!

    As far as twinkle lights go, we didn’t use them, and you can’t see it in the picture on the website because the wind kept blowing the candles out, but we put votive candles in glass punch cups (that I got for 20 cents each from a thrift store). It looked so cool because all the different cuts in the glass sparkled. It would probably be a similar look.

    Our centerpieces weren’t wildflowers but they were flowers from my mom’s garden, so a similar look. We put them in mason jars with ribbons tied around (you could do a wide ribbon and then a small piece of twine too). It’s easy to do a small amount of flowers that way.

    Good luck!

    Jenna Reply:

    I love the look on the boy’s face (the one wearing the tie-dye shirt)

  10. You can help me plan anytime! I can’t wait to get down to the pretty stuff once the catering, DJ, etc are knocked out.

    Jenna Reply:

    Oh PLEASE! Can I? I am really enjoying myself here. I give her assignments, and search Pinterest. It’s like the best job-I-gave-myself ever.

    Anni Reply:

    Of course! I’ve finally got some kind of inspiration direction (although I’ll admit it’s a little bipolar) and Salvage One is sooooo workable, especially the patio. I figure if I work ahead, DIY won’t be too stressful!

    Jenna Reply:

    I would totally bring T1 and have crafting days with you too. I’m not good with anything that involves neatness or good handwriting but I can glue and staple and cut just fine.

    Anni Reply:

    Yes! Sounds like so much more fun than me tackling it all by my lonesome.

  11. Wedding planning is so much fun! I don’t have gray-yellow ideas but I do have one for simplifying things.

    For my wedding we didn’t do party favors (I think they are a waste of money and resources) but instead made a donation to my favorite charity. I printed out a few mini folded cards for each table explaining that “in lieu of favors, the couple has made a donation…” My brother actually got all choked up and told me how much it meant to him (the charity) and that he really hates wedding favors, haha.

  12. I have a couple for you:
    Wildflowers (overall I think this wedding has a cool gypsy feel):

    A close friend’s yellow, green, and burlap affair:

    Lastly, I had cupcakes at my wedding and I thought they looked pretty. :) I’m sorry I don’t have a better way of linking to them other than this…

    Jenna Reply:

    I didn’t know J* was your wedding photographer! Beautiful photos.

    Korey Reply:

    Yes, I booked her a whole year before my wedding and she had been in the business for not very long…by the time we got married she charged double and I’m sure it’s doubled again. I got very lucky!!

  13. I love gray and yellow together!!! And I love that inspiration photo!!

    I was wondering, just as an after thought– why did you go all the way to Seattle? The Columbia River Temple is closer isn’t it? Was that where your parents were married?

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