Date Day in Seattle

I am NOT supposed to be writing this post (we are supposed to leave for the dentist in 30 minutes and I still haven’t dressed myself or the baby or packed the diaper bag) but I wanted to show you the results of our fun day in Seattle!

We spent a little bit of time at the temple where we were married. This was like the quickest editing I’ve ever done, so don’t mind the crooked temple.

Ate at a delicious salad/sandwich shop in Fremont. Sustainable and local and organic focus. I loved it!

I got the B.L.A.T. Yum!

We bought two slices of cake from the place where we got our wedding cakes. Still as good as we remember.

And TH got a haircut! (And he let me take pictures of it for the blog).

Doesn’t he look sharp? He went to Kimora at 7 Salon in Bellevue if you’re in Washington.

All of this was made possible by my parents, who took care of T1 for the day so we could have some time to ourselves. Thanks mom and dad!


21 thoughts on “Date Day in Seattle

  1. You were in my neighborhood! Oh how I love Homegrown and Simply Dessert! His haircut looks awesome by the way.

  2. TH is looking hott! 🙂 Looks like the 2 of you had a sublime little day, just the 2 of you. Oh, and you’re BLAT sammie looks amazing – that bread! YUM.

  3. Food looks delish 🙂 TH looks great! Also, I’m jealous you’re wearing pants and long sleeves. It’s 117 in Charleston, SC today with the humidity!

  4. This was such a sweet post! It sounds like a fantastic date day. For us, those are few and far between. Most of the time we have “Family Date Night” with the baby. Ha ha! TH’s hair looks great! Y’all make such a cute couple!

  5. That is a great haircut.

    Also, when we get together, you MUST pick the restaurant, because everywhere you guys eat looks so fun.

  6. Oh, wow, welcome back to Seattle! I guess I missed that you were taking a trip out here. Sounds like you had a lovely day!

  7. TH’s haircut looks great! Also, how nice for you to have pictures in front of the temple sans scaffolding. 🙂 My husband and I are going to visit the town we were married next weekend and I’m excited to get some cake from our wedding cake baker too.

  8. I am a full believer in a good haircut for men. It looks so good. Sean shells out 35 for a haircut but it makes his almost-no-hair look so much better!

  9. Oh, yum, Homegrown is the BEST! You should go back for breakfast sometime – equally good!

  10. Ooh! I didn’t know you got married at the temple in Bellevue. I grew up not too far from there (we can see it from my parents’ house) and when I was little I was set on getting married there… until I found out it was an LDS temple. haha! It’s GORGEOUS!

    I love TH’s haircut! The one time I went to Seven salon I got a terrible haircut.. the back was super uneven and I had to fix it myself at home. Also, it cost a fortune, but my friends seem to love it there!

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