Dress-up at Grandma’s

I’m really glad I have a husband who doesn’t mind when I dress-up his son in headbands and scarves and paint his toenails. 🙂

Quick poll: Do you think T1 could be mistaken for a girl in the photo on the right?

This is not the picture I wanted (stupid bottle!) but it will have to do. He looks pretty cute anyhow.

31 thoughts on “Dress-up at Grandma’s

  1. Yeah I think he could be mistaken for a girl in that photo. He is adorable in all of those photos.

  2. Adorable. You can just BARELY see a girlish face in that one photo, but otherwise, his demeanor is so male, he’s very macho in the others 🙂

  3. I love the cowboy shots. I think the bottle is actually pretty cute. Maybe you should put it in paper bag next time or dress it up or something to make it more fun.

  4. Very sweet pictures! Not sure if it is just because I know he is a boy, but I can’t see him being mistaken for a girl. I just see a little boy face!

    Errign Reply:

    I thought the same thing!

    cjm Reply:

    Same here.

    Zoe Reply:


  5. yup, he could totally pass as a girl in that photo on the right bur not the one on the left.
    I think the bottle is cute, it adds a little sweet to his bad ass boots!

  6. I still think he looks like a boy in that picture, but that’s probably from seeing him IRL. He does look adorable though. 🙂

    It’s nice to see parents who don’t freak out about “feminizing” their boys like that whole J. Crew uproar. It makes me so mad that people would criticize her for painting her son’s toenails. Do they really think that’s going to change his sexuality? So crazy.

  7. I think he could definitely be mistaken for a girl in that picture.

    Love the cowboy shots though! 🙂

  8. LOVE the cowboy photos! He is adorable. I still think he looks like a boy in that photo, but I guess if I glanced quickly and saw the big headband I would assume girl.

  9. I think he looks like a girl, but I mean that in the best way possible.

    A little girl that I know cut her hair really short with play scissors so her parents just buzzed her hair… she totally looks like a little boy. I think she’s four.. not the best parenting move but whatever. I was looking at her over the weekend (not gawking, but we were hanging out with her parents) and I started thinking about how we define gender roles at such a young age — but really, we all are humans first.

  10. Yeah, he could, but I think all toddlers and babies are pretty androgynous looking. I think it’s good for him to play dress up in the way he wants to.

  11. well yes, you dress him up like a girl and he will be mistaken as a girl. That is why we dress our babies as their gender, so they will look like one. Let’s face it one doe-eyed fairly bald child looks much like another, no matter what the gender.

  12. i’m very curious what your stance on L/G/B/T is now. How we dress ties into our gender roles and that ties into our sexuality and how we express it. i guess i assumed you would be against homosexuality and a boy acting in a feminine way, but maybe i assumed wrong! i think he looks adorable and loved and happy; i’d just love to hear your stance on all of the above.

    Jenna Reply:

    I think how we choose to dress as cognizant adults/teens can be an expression of our sexuality, but not for a little child! Everything to him is just play, and so that’s what we do, we play. If he is a teenager, and wants to paint his nails pink and wear lipstick and flowery headbands I would ask him what message he is trying to convey and why he wants to do such things.

  13. I love it Jenna, you’re so lucky that your husband is ok with you dressing him up! Max saw me painting my finger nails the other day and said ‘me mumma?’, so I painted some (grey) onto his nails. Mu husband was REALLY unimpressed. I think he looked adorable though 🙂

    PS. T1 looks like a boy through and through, even with the pink headband on 🙂

    Jenna Reply:

    Yes! For him it’s about sharing things with me. He sees that I love to put things on my head, paint my nails, etc etc,and he wants to be a part of it. I love sharing those things with him!

  14. I’ve been hanging out reading your blog for a long while now – I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala and I loove reading your blog. I’ve been away from my fiance for almost 20 months now, and reading your blog and birthing stories and seeing your beautiful pics of the family life etc is a real pick-me-up when the future starts to feel way too far away :).

    I’ve been reading for at least a month now, so I’m not sure why the cowboy pics pushed me over the edge to comment, but I just had to comment that I think they’re adorable. And actually way better with the baby bottle. The shots turned out so organically 🙂

    Jenna Reply:

    Isn’t being apart the worst? That’s why we ended up getting married before I graduated because I couldn’t bear to be away from him any longer (he was in Dallas, I was in Utah).

    Good luck with the rest of your volunteering, and best wishes for your reunion!

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