Thousands of Lanterns Floating Over Poland

I’ve got a big day planned for today. I’m trying to break into the high school senior photography market, but I as of yet don’t really have any sessions under my belt. So I offered to do a free session for a girl in the area, if she agreed to do it all on my terms. :) We’re leaving the house at 5:30 am to photograph on a farm with bunting and a Yurt and laundry hanging on the line to dry and an Airstream and chickens and vegetables and a greenhouse and all sorts of other lovely things. Then we are going to come home and rest and recover before going outside for the evening shoot, complete with evening gown and (hopefully) an old house and lots of¬†experimenting¬†with off-camera-flash.

If I don’t want to get overwhelmed by all of that, I need to take a breather and look at something relaxing. This video, one of the most enchanting scenes I’ve ever seen, should do the trick.

11,000 Lanterns Floating Over Poland – Watch more Funny Videos

I absolutely must see something like this in person before I die. How can I make this happen?

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