The Sock Bun

If you follow me on Twitter or Formspring, you may have seen me talking about the sock bun. I am borderline obsessed with this hairstyle. It looks fancy, keeps my hair off my neck in the summer, and allows me to go several days without washing my hair while still looking put together. I learned about it from this video, and I recommend watching it if you’d like to see how it works from start to finish.

If you want to see me acting like a Beauty Department wannabe model, check out my little graphic below.

You do need at least one bobby pin for this style, otherwise your bun will start to unravel (I learned this the hard way at the park the first time I did it). I use a really large one and pin it right at the top.

I checked the time stamp, and from first picture to last was 1 minute. Including smoothing and putting your hair up in the elastic in the beginning, this really is a 3 minute hairstyle, and I think it looks much fancier than that!

My next hairstyle to master is this one. Could something so pretty really be so easy?

41 thoughts on “The Sock Bun

  1. I saw this one a while back on HTP I think and I’m kicking myself for not having tried it when I had long hair. It looks so sophisticated and pretty! I especially love the side part you did with your bangs. Crazy that it’s done with a sock!

  2. wow that bun looks great on you! I’ve played with some new hairstyles after discovering tutorials on pinterest but my crazy thick hair doesn’t work with a lot of them. But seems like the extra hair could work well for this style. If you used 2 socks/2 buns, it might make a fun Halloween Princess Leia hairdo :)

  3. You make me wish my hair would start to grow faster! Mine is finally a few inches past my shoulders.

    I want to learn how to do the french-braided bangs look.

  4. I love this style and think it looks great on you! I saw the curls it results in if you sleep in the sock bun, and really want to try both the bun and the curls. But my hair is pretty short (shoulder length) so it might only result in a sad small bun. Maybe I’ll finally give it a try to know for sure tonight!

  5. i tried this right after you posted this on twitter. It makes a really nice lush bun. My hair is just past my shoulders so it just is long enough. I think ill let my hair grow a little bit more.

  6. I just wanted to mention that I thought you look really good in the first picture…very skinny and the love the hairdo, but I’m with short hair so it won’t happen for me1

  7. I am impressed that this stays up on your head, given the weight of your lengthy hair! I’m ready to try it, if only my Locks for Love haircut would just grow back out!

    On a separate note – not sure if you are taking opinions… but I am ANTI the new website format of “click here to read more.” Brings back my feelings of aggression towards Wedding Bee. Less likely to click over from Google Reader :(

    Jenna Reply:

    Does it affect your reading in GR? It drives hits WAY up (more money for me when advertisers are paying based on pageviews), and helps shrink down the loading time of the home page.

    Natalie Reply:

    I can still see it in GR fine… the way I see it, if you want to comment on a post, you’re going to have to click through anyway, right? But I do find it a bit annoying.

    Life On Mulberry Reply:

    Honestly, I like to read through TW from my phone when I’m in traffic (in a cab or bus), and its more convenient to load the webpage than navigate through GoogleReader from my iPhone. But will stick to Google Reader because having to load, then re-load, the page from my phone will just frustrate me.

    I do appreciate that you shared why you made the change. Its not anything you should have to justify, but its nice knowing the “why” behind it all.

    Shanna Reply:

    Yeah, same complaint here even though I know why you do it.

    Erin Reply:

    Also not a fan. As just a reader (not often a commenter) it’s definitely annoying to have to open more pages to get the rest of the story.

    I’m not sure it would affect my reading here since you’re already part of my routine :)…but blogs that use this format when I first come across them rarely keep me around…or, at best, it greatly reduces what I read from them, as I’ll only open posts that catch my attention

  8. I have long (shoulder length) curly hair..I wonder if this would work..or the other hair style you’ve linked too..I really have to start doing more with my hair…Maybe when work starts back up in a few weeks.

  9. This is actually quite popular with the military gals. Since we have to have our hair up, tight and tidy; some of us use this trick for the “perfect bun”. ;)

  10. I’m so confused by this… and no one seems to be asking this question!

    How on earth do you put your hair inside the sock? It is a toe-less sock? And wouldn’t a tube sock get bulky — most of my socks are the length of my ponytail.

    signed, totally confused.

    Jenna Reply:

    Haha, I used a mid-calf length sock and just cut the toe off. Does that help?

    I actually want to try a bigger sock and see how it looks with an even bigger bun (I assume the bigger the sock the bigger the bun)

  11. Oh my gosh, this is going to change my life, haha!! I just wish I had discovered this BEFORE I chopped off 4 inches of hair this past Saturday… DOH! I just tried it and my hair isn’t quite long enough to look good.

  12. I used to make this bun for ballet because I had shorter thinner hair and the sock filled out my bun better. You girls who are waiting for your hair to grow out can do it. Just cut the toe off your sock and roll it up. Slip it over your pony tail, then wrap your hair around it to form the bun. It may take a bit longer and you’ll need a few more pins but the finished look is the same.

  13. girl, you look hecka skinny!
    I have trouble with this hairstyle because my hair is almost down to my bum. I think I just need a bigger sock?

    Jenna Reply:

    I actually think bigger sock might make it harder because it’s going to be difficult to roll toward the end (it gets kind of hard for me, I just keep shoving) but I’m not sure. Your hair is really long!

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