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I’ve got vacation planning on the brain (we’re leaving in two weeks!) and so I was more than happy to oblige when my friend Anni asked if I’d be interested in writing a guest post for her Through My Lens travel series. Click over to read my guest post, where you’ll find my views on some of the best ways to plan a vacation that’s a bit off the beaten path.

And because this post needs a picture… me in front of the Coliseum, auditioning for America’s Next Top Model. (Kidding!*)

*But seriously, that really is me in a wedding dress in front of the Coliseum. You can see more of them here if you’d like.


15 thoughts on “Vacation Planning Tips

  1. Nice picture. Random question: Does TH ever get tired of your love for photography? (Tired of talking about it, posing, etc)?

    Jenna Reply:

    He would if I talked about it too much. That’s why I try to talk about it with people who love it with me, on forums and such. :)

  2. How exciting! I love TripAdvisor forums–best tips from the nicest people. I contribute often as TXSoonerGal.

    I agree with your idea of traveling. My sister and I went to Europe for 3 weeks with my uncle when we were in college and we were SO ready to go home at the end. He dragged us everywhere! We walked miles a day until we begged to use public transportation, and then we still walked miles a day. He was all about seeing everything, while we just wanted to experience the sights, sounds, food, and shopping in each city!

    When I go back, my husband and I are doing things differently!

  3. That is quite a stunning picture. Did you take that picture after your wedding?

    Jenna Reply:

    No, about 5 months before. I went to Europe to meet his family with my mom.

    Hillary Bost Reply:

    Well I looked at the other pictures, and they are just as stunning, i hope when I get married my pictures will turn out as lovely as yours.

  4. What was your stance on modesty when you had these pictures taken, because this dress is immodest according to LDS standards. I’m not trying to attack or anything, I’m curious how you see it. I know LDS people who feel that modesty standards can be discarded when not convenient (i.e I just bought a skirt and my garments show so I just won’t wear them with this skirt), but given the importance of temple convenants, it should be a full-time commitment not a “when it fits” attitude.

    Jenna Reply:

    I wasn’t endowed when I posed for these. I wouldn’t consider a lace bolero immodest?

    Maranda Reply:

    When my BFF got married she didnt get married in the temple(they’re getting sealed in the fall!!! yay) but she had a heck of a time finding a bolero here in UT. Everywhere we went, said in the same snotty tone “oh we dont sell boleros, we only have modest dresses”. I thought that was soooo rude. Whos to say that she was getting married in the fall, winter and just wanted an extra layer for warmth. Some people are so rude and stuck in their unrealistic closeminded opinions.

    If I’m not mistaken, that dress for the pictures was borrowed. Thats not the dress Jenna was actually married in. Which was perfectly modest with sleeves.

    Sage Reply:

    Perhpaps my comment was better directed at other pictures in your link where you are obviously wearing a sleeveless, strapless gown without the bolero. Regardless of whether one is endowed or not, the church emphasizes modesty and the standard they have clearly outlined. I honestly don’t mean to be judgemental, but I’m curious how you viewed modesty when not bound by wearing garments. I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t always wear shirts with sleeves before I was endowed (but it wasn’t a common occurance), and I’m honestly interested in your opinion.

    You do look absolutely beautiful in these pictures, though, and I wouldn’t want to detract from that fact regardless of the fact that I brought up this topic.

    Jenna Reply:

    I’d never worn anything strapless before or after this, but my mom and I felt it was important to photograph the dress as-is because it was loaned to us for free on condition that the images could be used for advertising for the dressmaker who crafted it. I didn’t feel like my intentions were in opposition of “the spirit of the law” in regards to respecting our bodies as temples and not using them to promote lust and show them off.

  5. Wow, I love the concept. I’m also blessed to have a parent as a wedding photographer and although my dad won’t be photographing my own wedding next year (he’s retired and doesn’t want to ‘work’ during our special day) I love the idea of having an intimate session either before or afterwards to capture some great shots without the time constraints of keeping on track with your wedding day schedule. Fantastic!

    From one Trip Advisor fan to another, enjoy planning for your trip!

  6. Wow, I just clicked over and looked through all of these photos. They are incredible. You and your Mum are very, very clever indeed :)

  7. Those pictures are seriously amazing! I might have to hire you and/or your mom when my day comes :)

  8. I forgot about those photos from the Bee. They are breathtaking. And I am soooo excited because after checking your Pinterest I am taking the SAME vacation (minus Lake Garda although you may persuade me) in November. I hope you have a wonderful time and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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