Fashionably Modest: Black and Red (and a Seersucker Baby)

Yes, I wore this to church on Sunday. This is how marriage works, you communicate, you compromise, and sometimes you even change.

(I know I’m bordering on this, but I can’t help it today.)

Belt: Thrifted, $2
Dress: Nordstrom Rack, $75
Earrings: Birthday Gift
Hair Comb: Vintage (purchased by my mom from a flea market in France)
Shoes: Thrifted, $10

Total: $87

Hair in a sock bun of course.

T1 has the cutest little church outfit right now that I wanted to highlight as well. The shirt is from Nordstrom, and it fits so fantastically (it’s difficult to find things that fit slim) that I plan to buy him another when he outgrows it. The seersucker pants were a steal at $4 (new with tags) from the thrift store. And the shoes are XXW at 50% off from Endless (the50% off part was a lucky break). This kid has the widest feet, and I am not thrilled with the amount of money we are pouring into shoes he outgrows so quickly.

Yes, I know there are fantastic second-hand stores all over the place, but I’ve looked and they just don’t have shoes for baby feet like his in stock*. I’ll just keep thrifting the rest of his clothes to make up the difference I guess!

*If you happen to have a wide footed baby who is about a 6.5, I have an extra pair of these brown sandals, worn only once to church, that I’d love to sell you.

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  1. You look great! And T1′s outfit is definitely adorable. I love classy church outfits for little boys, I’m all about white shirts :). Speaking of, I have always had the same issue with finding slim fitting clothes for Eli because they always seem short and wide. I’ve had dress shirts from Old Navy, Children’s Place, and even a Ralph Lauren one that was probably more than Dave’s shirts, but I finally found my favorite one at Baby Gap! They are long and slim fitting compared to the others and not ridiculously expensive. Baby Gap in general seems to have slimmer fitting clothes but still long enough…I’ve found Old Navy shirts to be the worst in terms of them getting too short too quickly while always being baggy (though we’ve had a few exceptions). Children’s Place has been hit and miss. Gymboree are always long enough, but still a little wider than I’d prefer.

    Jenna Reply:

    Great tips! I’ll give Baby Gap a looksie

  2. Gorgeous! Your make-up looks really pretty in the pictures above. And T1 is so adorable – he really looks like a little boy instead of a baby! And his hair has grown in so nice and evenly – are you still trimming/shaving it or do you just let it go now?

  3. Wow he does have big feet! Bean is in like a 4ish 5kinda (haha!). But I’m not complaining since I wear a size 11 wide and I pray her feet will be smaller (doubt it). I don’t wish my shoe size on anyone.

  4. You look so gorgeous! I love everything about this look – dress, belt, shoes!

    I love hearing about what T1 is up to because my kid is just a little older, but he’s only wearing a 4.5 right now. The Hubby says we’re “hobbit sized”. Ha!

    We also have a terrible time finding affordable baby clothing. My kid isn’t really slim per se, but he is long waisted with very short legs. He wears like a 2T or 3T in tops, but can still wear some 12 and 18M bottoms. We shop at , Old Navy, Gymboree and their outlets. Then I just pick up other things as I can find them.

  5. “Yes, I wore this to church on Sunday. This is how marriage works, you communicate, you compromise, and sometimes you even change.(I know I’m bordering on this, but I can’t help it today.)”

    I am so confused, is there something we missed? It seems as if you started the blog in the middle of a conversation that none of us were a party too. Did I miss a post about TH not liking an outfit you had picked for church?

    Sophia Reply:

    The links she embedded in the post go back to older posts that give the back story. It was a post written by TH, about their mutual veto rules for clothes :)

    Sandra Reply:

    Even knowing the back story (which I did), something about this intro seems very unusual – as though someone brought it up again, but I didn’t notice that they did. It’s like witnessing some sort of inside joke.

    lauralove. Reply:

    I think Jenna just realized that if she posted the outfit without mentioning the compromise, someone would surely notice and comment – she was just trying to smooth over any potential controversy.

  6. You look amazing! I love that dress with the red shoes and belt

    T1 looks so dapper and even a little bit southern in those adorable little pants!

    What an adorable family you all must be when you walk into church :)

  7. this is quite possibly my favorite! you look smokin! red and black are my two favorite combos…so much so that they were my wedding colors, along with cream, 7 years ago. i just think black and red look so classy together. and classy you look- the sock bun really kicks it up a notch, too. love!

  8. Great look for the both of you. I have had to start getting a little more thrifty due to the economy. It is nice to see you find such great things I have had luck at stores like Ross and Marshall’s, but I think I need to start looking into consignment and thrift stores more.

  9. Loveeee the outfit. The dress really flatters you and the red really complements it.

  10. You look gorgeous! Shay and I have been watching Mad Men and this outfit reminds me of a sexy 60′s housewife!

  11. I know you are all about finding good quality shoes but if T1 is growing out of his shoes quickly anyway. or just ruining the really nice ones have you considered payless shoes. they carry half sizes and shoes in wides. just a thought. also maybe go for the outlets like stride rite if he is going through them quickly anyway might as well buy him something a little cheaper.

    Kelli Nicole Reply:

    I don’t think it’s that she wants nice shoes for him, I think she mostly has a problem finding shoes that actually fit his feet (they have to be at least extra wide, not just wide). I think even the wide versions of most baby shoes just don’t fit :).

  12. That is an amazing outfit, and the shoes are great. Hm, I’m thinking of a black dress I have that would look great with red shoes… I might have to copy this.

  13. Ahh, I love the sock bun! Will be trying this as soon as I find a sock!! :) You are so gorgeous and chic. What a put together sexy mom!

  14. Jenna, I think this is one of the most gorgeous, flattering outfits I have ever seen you in! Very classy, vintage — has a very Mad Men quality to it.

    T1 is gorgeous, too.

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