That Wife is in Europe

This post is called a sticky, meaning it will be at the top of That Wife for the duration of our trip. Keep scrolling!

I’m in Europe! I have posts scheduled to go up while I’m gone, so I hope you’ll continue to drop by.As I’ve done in the past, I plan to do some mobile blogging while I’m out experiencing new things.

I’m not sure how this will go on vacation, since I’m experiencing iphone battery issues, but I’m going to attempt to document the food we eat in both Poland and Italy on my phone. This won’t be me trying to take a picture of everything, like I do when I’m working on losing weight, more a chance to show you what you might expect to eat if you visit these places. All of this will be happening on That Food Diary.

I wrote little posts about our travels last time on a blogspot blog, and it’s been fun to go back through the posts. You can find those posts at That Wife Travels, where I plan to write during this trip as well.

Favorite mobile photos will also make it on my That Wife Daily Life site, which I’ve been as a way to back up mobile photos I really love in case something were to ever happen to my phone.

Your comments on these sites are always appreciated, I read them all and love them! :)

7 thoughts on “That Wife is in Europe

  1. I hope the flight process got smoother, I was crossing my fingers for you after I saw your tweets! Oh, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

  2. Have a fantastic time, it looks like you prepared a fabulous trip. I look forward to hear about Cinque Terre, it’s one of those places where I’d like to go someday.
    This year it will be Barcelona for 2-3 days for us.

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