I think an excellent birthday/Christmas gift for That Husband would be some terrariums, but they’re expensive to order from sites like Etsy, and I always felt a little overwhelmed at the though of DIYing it (I feel overwhelmed at the thought of DIYing pretty much anything). Bonnie wrote a really great post about some that she made though, and I’m feeling like it might be accessible after all!


Now the real question is, do we have anywhere to put them that T1 won’t have access to. Lately our home has been stripped of pretty much any and all knick-knack style home decor unless it’s placed really high, because he is a bit of a terror that likes to pull everything down.

8 thoughts on “Terrariums

  1. What kind of discipline do you have for T1 when he pulls things down? Bean is generally good about leaving things alone when we say no. I just refuse to remove EVERYTHING decorative because of her. I have flowers in a vase on my coffee table and she touched them and I said, “Next time you do that you’re going to time out” and she did it and I put her in time out for 60 seconds (I say that instead of a minute because I count really fast) and she doesn’t touch them anymore.

    I use to remove everything until one day my mom said, “How will she learn to leave things alone? You shouldn’t have to put everything away, she needs to learn.”- I do put some things away..But the flowers I got at the market make me happy and make our living room look nice..so I refused to put them away. Instead I’m teaching her that somethings aren’t meant to be touched.

  2. I’m with you. I’m sooooooo NOT a DIY-er. This looks like it could be good, but I still have doubts about my own ability. Haha.

  3. They are really cute! I hadn’t ever thought to look on Etsy for them, but all of thsoe are much cuter than the ones I made in elementary school science class, hehe.

  4. My mother always made this tsss tss tsss sound whenever we got near anything we were not supposed to, its too funny cause I end up using it with my boyfriend, tsss tsss tsss don’t touch, normally while I am cooking. lol

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