27 thoughts on “The 3rd Anniversary

  1. happy anniversary! my husband and i share the same date (and 3 years too!) hope it’s a good one :o)

  2. Have a wonderful anniversary. And yes there will be hard times and good times as there is in any relationship. But going through those will make it stronger because you will learn how much you can rely on one an other.
    I’m learning that lately… The hardest part is to remember that however much we know each other, we can’t read each other’s brains :)

  3. Love that picture. Congrats to you two. We just got back from our 6 month anniversary trip to Paris. (Blogged about it today if you feel like reading.)

  4. Its a long story how I found out about you via wedding bee, but suffice it to say I have thoroughly enjoyed your journey thus far with TH. Here’s to many more!

  5. Happy anniversary, Jenna and TH! I remember reading That Girl back when I was just beginning to think about my own wedding… and then reading you on Wedding Bee as you made your own preparations. Crazy how quickly three years have flown past! I wish you both much happiness going forward.

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