Favorite Recipes Collaboration Board

Pinterest is awesome, but how do you know which recipes are any good? I had an idea how we can sort through the duds… a collaborative recipe board! Go here and see the recipes I’m loving lately, and what changes I would recommend.

Like this carrot soup from Eat Live Run. I think the changes I made are a must try. I’ll blog the process the whole recipe some day, but for now, check out my pin for the changes I made.

Would you like to join me as a collaborator on this board? Remember this isn’t a board for repinning things that just look delicious or pretty, I want to see recipes you’ve actually used and loved! That way I can make them and love them too.

If you’d like to be a collaborator I need you to comment below with a link to your Pinterest profile. I will start following one (or all if I like them!) of your boards and once I’m doing that I can invite you to be a collaborator on the group board. This may take some time, but I’ll try to get to it this weekend. Then we can start having fun, swapping recipes!

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