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Pinterest is awesome, but how do you know which recipes are any good? I had an idea how we can sort through the duds… a collaborative recipe board! Go here and see the recipes I’m loving lately, and what changes I would recommend.

Like this carrot soup from Eat Live Run. I think the changes I made are a must try. I’ll blog the process the whole recipe some day, but for now, check out my pin for the changes I made.

Would you like to join me as a collaborator on this board? Remember this isn’t a board for repinning things that just look delicious or pretty, I want to see recipes you’ve actually used and loved! That way I can make them and love them too.

If you’d like to be a collaborator I need you to comment below with a link to your Pinterest profile. I will start following one (or all if I like them!) of your boards and once I’m doing that I can invite you to be a collaborator on the group board. This may take some time, but I’ll try to get to it this weekend. Then we can start having fun, swapping recipes!

64 thoughts on “Favorite Recipes Collaboration Board

  1. Oh I’m in! I have so many recipes I want to try but would be devastated if they weren’t good. I hate eating food I don’t like :) This will help me pick and choose what I should try as well as an outlet for me to pass along my successes.


  2. I’m sorry, this is a totally unrelated topic, but I can’t email you from work.
    I know that you are trying to live with minimal waste and “stuff” but I was wondering what you are doing for Christmas gifts? I’m not sure of Mormon traditions so maybe this doesn’t apply, but I’m struggling because my husband and I do not want gifts this year and we’d rather not give people a bunch of “stuff”. We got married this year and we’ve received more than enough gifts to last a lifetime!
    We brought it up to our family and we were berated about how we’re trying to “kill” Christmas. It was kind of upsetting as we asked that they make donations instead and they thought it was a bad idea :( I was just wondering how you will be handling the holidays and how you prevent the accumulation of a bunch of stuff, especially with a baby!

    Jenna Reply:

    As far as what we give, we keep it pretty simple. Lately we’ve been visiting Poland each year so we give an item from Poland. We as a couple exchange an ornament (switching off every other year who buys it), I don’t give TH anything because he doesn’t want anything, he gets me a few things from my wishlist that fit in the budget :), and T1 still doesn’t get presents so we won’t give him anything this year either.

    As far as getting things, we don’t live near family so that helps cut down on things because they know we have to fly stuff home, but for the most part I just kind of let it go. I try to urge practical things (I just called my mom yesterday and asked if buying T1 a winter coat for Christmas could be one of her gifts to us) but she gets a lot of joy out of buying presents and I think that it’s something we can share joy in, if that makes sense.

    Maybe you can just kind of let it go when it comes to what people give you, and just tighten your standards of what you end up keeping? There is no rule that says you have to keep what anyone gives you. That has helped me a lot.

  3. Oh, gooodness! I just had the scare of my life when I went to thatwife.com instead of thatwifeblog.com. Please tell me I’m not the first to make that mistake!

    Jenna Reply:

    You are most definitely not. I’m keeping an eye on that site in case it ever expires, I’d love to snatch it up, but someone has been sitting on that domain for a *long* time.

    Sara Reply:

    I did at school one day….not cool.

  4. I like the idea ( I love making tried and approved recipes), but I don’t have a pinterest account. Could you send me an invitation?

  5. I don’t get Pinterest! Can you please explain to me how it works? I find all these lovely pictures of things I’d like to make but then I don’t get where the links are to make them.
    Like this pinned picture for instance – http://pinterest.com/pin/177514440/
    Now where do I click on that page to actually see the recipe for it?

    I find so many things on pinterest like this, but I don’t know where I find the recipes then.

    Andrea Reply:

    this one too – http://pinterest.com/pin/248220707/

    do people just post pics with no recipes? Am I just not understanding pinterest?

    Jenna Reply:

    I wrote a post on it, did you see it? http://thatwifeblog.com/2011/08/pinterest-explained/

    You just click right on the picture. That one your found is a dead link, someone didn’t pin it correctly. Try using the text under the picture to search for the same picture/recipe and see if someone pinned it from the correct site.

  6. http://pinterest.com/extoria/in-the-kitchen/

    I make a new recipe from my board at least once if not twice a week. I’ve already made several and most have turned out to be wins! (But I’ve so far stuck with safe ones, too. Once the weather turns even colder and I start to spend more time cooking, I’ll probably get more adventurous!)

  7. Pinterest is my go to place for recipes now and I have made quite a few and also pinned some that I have personally made. Would LOVE to be a part of this. I feel I would be a regular contributor.

    Any rules on recipes? Meat/no meat? Only non-processed? Anything? Of course I try to stay away from most processed foods, but sometimes I still give in.


  8. I would love to be a collaborator on your board. I love cooking. I especially like to change recipes and come up with my own. Right now I am living with my mom so my cooking is limited, but hopefully in a month or so I will have my own place again and can start cooking again.


  9. Great idea! I think of myself as a very good cook, able to make and bake a lot of things, and usually don’t use a lot of recipes, but that sometimes results in such failures (like tonight – I wanted a chicken and broccoli macaroni and cheese type casserole and it came out watery and bland : (

    So however good a cook we are it’s great to have verified recipes to look at! Especially when trying to cut calories sometimes things can go awry.

    my pinterest name is rachel_stopeck

  10. I’m late to the game but I love your blog, and would love to be a collaborator! My recipe board is the one I use the most…my husband is glad that I finally quit ripping recipes out of magazines and leaving them around the house thanks to Pinterest :)


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