15 thoughts on “My Mormon.org Profile

  1. Your ‘why I am a Mormon’ section is a very eloquent explanation of something that is difficult to put into words. The perfect thing to read at the end of the Sabbath 🙂 thanks for posting!

  2. Congrats! That must have felt so good to cross something off of our list. I need to make a list (even a to-do list!!) so I can start crossing stuff off – nothing feels as good as being productive and it’s been a long time for me!

  3. wooohoo! I love yours!! I was so excited when I got baptized to make mine! I figured i’d share 🙂

    Life On Mulberry Reply:

    Your profile is so cute – your eagerness for the Church is contagious. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Kristine Reply:

    Thanks so much!!! 🙂 The church is awesome! I’ve seriously never been happier!

  4. That’s so great! I haven’t ever heard back about my submission…. But supposing I do someday, I’ll tell you.

  5. It’s interesting, some of the profiles make me want to throw up. but they also reflect a lot of diversity — so I can’t even explain why i have that reaction.

    and I love that picture of you.

    Sandra Reply:

    Haha, I’m so curious about the bad ones but I know I shouldn’t ask!

  6. How come your church uses the term “Mormon” on the website? I thought they were trying to discontinue that?

    Jenna Reply:

    For awhile, under President Hinckley, I think it was discouraged overall. Then they realized that it was a bit of a losing battle, so they decided to embrace the phrase but only when referring to the members. They don’t ever condone the use of the term Mormon Church or anything equivalent.

    I think it was a smart move on their part. Not embracing the site and taking the SEO would have meant that anti-mormon sites would be the top hit whenever someone googled about it.

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