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Another 101 in 1001 crossed off my list. A kind nudge from a reader this morning got me to sit down and update my About & FAQ page, which can always be accessed at the top of your screen when visiting That Wife.

What do you think? I want something that convey who I am in a few sentences and pictures. Maybe a list of the favorite posts or those that would act as a good primer? I’m not really sure where to start in choosing what those might be. My dashboard on WordPress tells me I’ve written almost 1300 posts by now!

6 thoughts on “Updated About Page

  1. I love the format of it! Great job. I think it’s informative, you, but leaves a lot to be learned on your blog. I especially love the collage you made for the start. I just adore your wedding portrait! the 101 in 1001 sounds really awesome. I really want to update my About Page too. You’ve inspired me. Maybe I’ll start the 1001 challenge and I can do it as part of my task list. Thanks!

    Jenna Reply:

    I highly recommend the 101 in 1001! It has really helped me knock things off my list that I probably would have ignored otherwise.

  2. I really like the page..But when I looked at the picture board of yourself, I wondered why you put the pictures of your self up when you were heavy without explaining that in the about page. I feel like, since I’ve been reading your blog for a while, why you didn’t put anything about your food philosophies and weight loss journey- because they seem like a large part of your life and a huge interest for a lot of your readers.

    But I like the page, I just feel like two big pieces are missing. 🙂

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