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I have a favor to ask. I’m going to give That Wife a makeover soon (paid for by my advertising, hooray!) and I’m wondering if you’d be interested in helping me brainstorm a new tagline. Or maybe you think I should keep it as is?

That Wife married to That Husband Living That Life

I came up with that back when That Wife was really new. I had no idea what my blog was going to be like! Even now I guess I still have a hard time describing my site. I’ll meet someone knew and they find out I have a blog and they ask, “What’s it about?”

Ummmm… me? My ideas? Pictures of my kid? Doesn’t really sound like something anyone would want to read, but obviously it’s something people like reading because you guys keep coming back each day (kudos to you for that).

I’ve created a Pinterest board where I’m collecting ideas if you’d like to check out what I’m thinking.  I’ll be using HJD Studio for the makeover, because Joy is the best!

6 thoughts on “That Wife Tagline

  1. I say keep it as is and just tell people it’s about your life and your opinions. The tag line you have right now encompasses that easily.

  2. I’ve always loved your tagline! “That life” could refer to anything, so it leaves a air of mystery..and THAT makes people want to read further.

    alli Reply:

    second this comment!

  3. The only thing is I feel you live more than just That Life. You offer a fresh perspective on a lot of things. Is there a way maybe to use a little bit of what you advertise in your photography blog (fresh, you, etc) into your current title. You are also a Mom and while you are not a mommy blogger you still mention that from time to time.

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