Christmas Card 2011

This year I tried to simplify a little bit (it was still a lot of work, Christmas cards are always a lot of work). I wrote up the letter below, printed it on printer paper, folded it into third, and tucked in a filmstrip of three photos, two of which you can see below.

Last year I wrote you our letter while surrounded by views of snowy Chicago. This year I am writing our Christmas letter from my childhood home in central Washington. No, we haven’t moved back for good (although I know my parents are always keeping their fingers crossed), we are currently enjoying a three week stay with my parents during TH’s holiday break from school. This is the last long holiday break we will probably ever have to spend as a family, and we are enjoying every moment.

Highlights of our year include a whole lot of traveling. In February T1 and I flew to Washington for my great-grandmother’s funeral, and 3 days after returning we boarded another plane for a wedding in Dallas. Another wedding in Dallas one month later, this time without the baby, which gave TH the chance to see what it’s like to spend 48 hours with a baby all on your own. He survived, but let me know he wasn’t interested in becoming a Stay-At-Home-Dad anytime soon.

We took a little travelling break until June, when T1 and I went to Washington for the summer, with TH following a few weeks later. Two months of the baby, and my mom still cried when we left. Our son has two sets of grandparents who love him more than anything. We visited TH’s parent’s in Poland during the month of September, and during that stay TH and I had an incredible time in Italy without the baby (thank you, thank you, thank you J and K). November’s highlight was a visit from my sister, and we finished off the year with one last flight to Washington. Although it’s nice to not have to pay to fly with him, we are happy that in the near future we will be forced to buy a seat for T1. He is a handful-and-a-half.

If it was a competition to see who accomplished the most this year, T1 would easily win. Over the course of the year he started walking, eats solid foods, can pick up small items by pinching them between his fingers, and though he’s a bit delayed, he has finally started talking. “Bye bye”, “Ball”, and “Shoe” are his current favorite verbalizations. Those who care for him consistently describe him as a sweetheart, and we wholeheartedly agree.

I met a few milestones this year as well. I ran my first 5K since high school (and actually enjoyed it), officially made a profit via my photography business, and put up advertising on my blog (, which I think officially makes me a “blogger”. My biggest accomplishment will come August 2012, when I plan to graduate from BYU (finally), in the hopes of proving to myself it can be done after marriage, even with a baby in tow.

TH has stayed very busy studying and developing relationships while working toward his MBA at the University of Chicago (he graduates June 2012). Surviving finals with a demanding toddler who craves daddy-time 24/7 is one of the biggest milestones he conquered this year.

We’ve been blessed, and have much to look forward to in the coming year. We hope to be able to share 2012 with each one of you in one way or another. Much love, TH, Jenna, and T1.

I originally intended to get this post up before Christmas, but I also wanted family and friends receiving them in the mail to not think “Oh yeah, I already saw this on her blog.” :), so I waited about a week to be safe. Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!



12 thoughts on “Christmas Card 2011

  1. What lovely photos of your family. We wanted to send out a photo card with a year-in-review blurb too, but time got away from us….there’s always next year! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you the best in 2012!

  2. I keep saying every year that I’m going to do a Christmas letter and send out cards, and then I don’t. I can’t even blame being unmarried/childless on it, since all of my friends have been doing it for years, single and childfree. Maybe next year… wait, this seems familiar.. lol

  3. I love that you do a Christmas letter. My family use to do one when I was growing up and we still receive them from aunts/uncles/cousins and I love reading what’s been going on with people!

  4. You know what? I normally find Christmas letters so obnoxious and braggy but yours was really great. You sound grateful and truly reflective. And I agree that you look smokin in the second picture.

    Jenna Reply:

    Well thank you! I’m always a little nervous when I write the card because I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but talking about our travels is one way I can show gratitude to our families, who often make those travels possible!

  5. Jenna, I’ve enjoyed following you since your Wedding Bee days but haven’t ever commented. Had to pop in now to say that of all the pretty outfits I’ve seen that you’ve put together for posts, this dress and boots is my Absolute Favorite! Simply gorgeous!!!! Happy New Year to and yours!

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