The Awakening: On SAHMs

Note: I have done my best to write a clear post that presents my current thinking, but I know there are going to be many questions. I appreciate the conversation we have with each other, and will do my best to step in and clarify when possible, but it will not be possible for me […]

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Brain Dump

The list of things I’m constantly thinking “I’ll post on this soon” is growing. Time for a Brain Dump. Jenna Cole My Aspirations full day session is approaching capacity. Anyone else out there who might have been putting off finding out more? Email me! And in the spirit of my latest post on Jenna Cole, […]

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Florence: What We Did

After Bologna, was Florence. We slept in at Aemilia, grabbed a taxi, and made our way to the train station. After our last overwhelming experience at the Bologna train station we had a better handle on how to read the schedule, and we made arrived in Florence late in the afternoon (the trip flew by […]

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The Awakening: R Rated Movies

My first change is subtle and nuanced, but the decision to alter my thinking regarding the type of media I watch is a change I’m looking forward to. To understand the change that has happened, reading this post on my media standards is essential. In short, I’ve decided to watch my first R-rated movie. (I […]

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The Awakening: Introduction

Over the past several months I’ve experienced what is best described as an Awakening. I opened myself up to possibilities different than what I was raised in, and my world turned upside down. Those who have followed me for a long time know that I’ve always been a firm absolutist, and I attribute that to […]

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