I’d Like To Photograph A Birth

One of my 101 in 1001 goals is to photograph a birth. If you are in the Chicago area (it would need to take me less than 90 minutes to get to you from Hyde Park so I don’t miss it), and giving birth in a birth center or at home between now and May, I will photograph your birth for free, and give you a DVD of the watermark-free images afterward. I’d also be happy to do one during the month of July while I’m living in Utah.

Why a birth center or at home? Because for this project that’s the type of birth I’d like to focus on. For this particular instance I’d like to focus on alternatives to the American norm (if you happen to transfer to the hospital of course I will follow you throughout!) Think of it like a photographer seeking out a red-headed model for a particular concept shoot they have in mind. I’ve photographed one other birth, which was in a hospital, ended up being a c-section and loved taking part in that. Eventually I’d love to expand into making birth photography a small part of Jenna Cole, and this free offer is the beginning of that.

My birth images from Kelli Nicole are so meaningful to me and I want to provide that for other families as well.

If you fit this description, please email me, or pass it on to a friend if you think they’d be interested. If I don’t hear from anyone I plan to contact some local midwives to see if they have a client who would be interested.

18 thoughts on “I’d Like To Photograph A Birth

  1. I think this is an incredible offer, and I hope when the time comes that you’ll be able to share a few of the photos with all of us!

  2. I wish you lived in central PA. My baby’s homebirth is immanent and I would love to have it photographed . . . but if it is a monetary choice between birth or newborn photography, I’m choosing newborn every time!

  3. Ummmmm, you should just come to Washington in February!!! :) I think that’s such an awesome goal and I hope someone takes advantage of your skills with such a great deal.

  4. How great! This will be a neat experience for you, I’m sure, and the family gets these really special photographs. I hope you’re able to share after the fact.

  5. I’m guessing a birth centre birth in Seoul in 4 weeks is a little impossible!

    Jenna Reply:

    If only!

    If you would be interested in a guest post about your birth, I would LOVE to feature it. I think that sounds so interesting.

    Msleetobe Reply:

    If I decide to write about his birth, I will let you know.^^ In the meantime, I hope someone close to you takes you up on this great opportunity!

  6. What a beautiful and generous offer! I wish I could take part in this photography goal. Unfortunately, I live in Vancouver, WA, our baby isn’t due until the end of May and since I have several medical conditions this will be a hospital birth. Good luck on your hunt!

  7. Free photography?? Someone jump on this please! Too good to pass up. I value the pictures I do have from my kids birth (actually, they are pretty good – I can definately relive it all through those photos) but how amazing it would be to have a pro shoot and not have to worry one bit about documenting that special day.

  8. If only I was having my birth at a birthing center or home instead of a hospital. I am due in February and would have loved this! Hope someone takes you up on it!

  9. I suggest you check out Lynsey Stone in Dallas. Probably the best birth photographer I have ever seen.

  10. I just wanted to let you know that your 101 in 1001 list inspired me to make my own! I just finished the list and put it up on my blog yesterday, but I already feel so much more productive. Thank you!

  11. I’m planning a home birth in Feb and I am in the Chicagoland area. I already have my birth photographer but I need someone to video tape it in an artist way. Is that possible?

  12. At the moment I have misplaced my brain cells and cannot find your email address to reply as requested. I am planning on water birth at West Suburban in Oak Park in May if you are still looking for someone for this. :)

  13. I wish you were in NY! I am unfortunately not surrounded by people that are home birth (or even natural birth) friendly. We are planning on having our baby at home in August with our midwives, my husband and son. I wish there was an extra person that could capture the experience who would think it was beautiful and not disgusting. Plus, seeing other’s birth photos is truly inspirational and I’d love to offer that inspiration to others. If you decide to take a trip this way in mid-August, let me know!

  14. I told you I was off to devour the rest of your blog… I’m not pregnant yet AND you’re not in San Francisco yet, but if I happen to be when you happen to be, I’m definitely interested!

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