Valentines Day Dessert Contest Ideas

Every year our ward has an awesome valentine’s day party. Last year I did the photo-booth for it. This year they asked if I wanted to do it again, but I’ve done it several times in a row now and I’d like to actually participate and enjoy the party this time. TH and I are going to slow dance with a toddler tugging at our legs and it will be romantic.

Part of the festivities happening at this party will be a Valentine’s Day Dessert Contest, and I have decided I’d like to win. I recently picked up some silicone heart molds, and that has to be a good start, right? The rules for this contest are that your offering needs to be red or pink in some way. It also needs to be something that’s good for a group, so no individual cheesecakes (as cute as they may be).

Here’s what I dug up on Pinterest.

Chocolate Beet Cake with Beet Cream Cheese Frosting

Maybe I could even make the beet cake in the shape of a heart?

Banana-Split Ice Cream Torte

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Layer Cake

Whole-Wheat Chocolate Cake with Easy Whipped Cream Frosting

Cherry Blossom Strawberry Cheesecake

Red Velvet Cheesecake

POM Cupcakes

And maybe I could make the cupcakes heart shaped using the marble trick?

Cranberry Bliss Bars

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread

Russian Fruit Cake

 What do you think? Which one will help me take first prize (which is probably a chocolate bar or something :) ).



27 thoughts on “Valentines Day Dessert Contest Ideas

  1. First, I would go with originality & presentation.
    So red velvet cakes… Cupcakes out. Though I like the idea of the cupcakes marbel idea to get the cupcakes to be heart shaped….

    My mouth watered looking at the whole wheat cake or the truffle raspberry!

    Didn’t you make homemade marshmellows one year that were heartshaped? Could you incorporte that somehow if you made cupcakes- like using a decorative toothpick to puncture it into the cupcake?

    Tossing ideas out there. Oh wow that cranberry Bliss bar looks yummy too! Mmm

    Jenna Reply:

    Ohhhh, homemade marshmallows would definitely win me some extra points I think. I like that idea…

  2. I made the white chocolate cherry shortbread cookies for Christmas. They were good, but I wouldn’t say enough to win a contest. I’m a cheesecake lover myself :) Good luck!

  3. I think if you could pull off that beet cake you would win for sure. No one expects beets to taste good in a cake. A great tasting cake is fine but a great tasting BEET cake is mind blowing.

    Meg @ Moments Like This Reply:

    Also, strawberries are out of season and taste more like water than anything.

    Jenna Reply:

    You’re right. I tried to eliminate most berry things, but strawberries are just so tempting :)

  4. Have you seen the one with the heart in the middle? That might be too risky though!

    I vote for the cute cheesecake with the heart on top of it!

  5. Hmmm… how about this one?

    Can also be found directly here:

    Jenna Reply:

    I am so not crafty when it comes to stuff like that… but that is a must-make cake! If I don’t make it this year, I for sure will do so eventually. Thanks for the link!

    Kristin ~ Bien Living Design Reply:

    I think I’d end up crying trying to make this cake! I would so love to give it a shot, though!!

  6. Heart shaped red velvet cake balls?

    I like the heart shaped cake but I bet you there will be a ton of red velvet so something unexpected may be better. Here’s some things I’ve pinned that may work. – this looks divine! — those look really good — not pinned but this is one of my go-to deserts. My Dad LOVED this and it was one of the few things he’d eat towards the end. It’s really delicious. I couldn’t find the strawberry cool whip so I bought regular and added strawberry sauce to it and stirred it up. It’s a HUGE hit every time I take it somewhere.

    Corey Ann Reply:

    You could also do the rainbow cake but do a gradient of pink to red which would be pretty cool.

    Tara Reply:

    oh, yeah, like that ombre cake on pinterest! yum!

  7. I don’t know how good of a baker you are but you could try making macarons. They are delicious and really cute! We make them in our restaurant and everyone loves them!

    Jenna Reply:

    You own a restaurant? How fun! What kind is it?

    Melanie Reply:

    My husband and I own a small lunch restaurant. Actually, we just expanded our hours for dinner 3 days a week last Wednesday. It is a lot of fun most of the time! My husband does all the cooking and makes up all the recipes. I do all the baking-bread for the sandwiches and desserts. And we have a 16 month old baby so life is pretty crazy!

    Melanie Reply:

    And we try to use as much local products as possible. We serve on the board for the local chapter of Buy Fresh Buy Local!

  8. i think the cheesecake stuffed strawberries, because they are so novel, or the chocolate raspberry truffle layer cake, because it looks amazing… i think i might try to make that one… i wish my ward would do a fun v-day party!

  9. Finally a topic I can comment on with confidence!

    I’m a baker. Not exactly professional and definitely not famous. (I have catered several -including my own- wedding events. And sold pies/cookies for the holidays.) But indulge my shared opinions on my pet topic, okay?

    I think red velvet is done too often for the holiday because of the color. (And usually it doesn’t taste spectacular either.) Personally, if you must have red, I love simple heart shaped linzer or shortbread cookies with raspberry (traditional) or currant (hip and unusual) jam centers. Great deep red color, and simply delicious!
    Here’s my favorite recipes, vanilla and spicy chocolate:

    Another thing I’m seeing on pinterest is the conversation heart cookies…those are ADORABLE.

    But more than cookies, to me valentine’s day desserts are all about the chocolate decadence. And being very very bad for you.
    This is one of the cake recipes I baked for my wedding and trust me…it’s amazing.

    The chocolate idiot cake:

    All you need is the smallest slivers to taste (and if I’d known that before my wedding, I could have made one instead of two and probably skipped some of the pies/other cakes as well).
    It’s really good with mixed citrus slices and whipped cream (or berries and mint leaves and whipped cream…or bits of pumpkin seed brittle and caramel ice cream…or pretty much anything!)

    Good luck!

  10. Okay…now I see that it HAS to be red or pink. So I would make some strawberry, cherry, or pomegranate flavored whipped cream to go with the chocolate cake.

  11. Cherry blossom Strawberry Cheese Cake, for sure.
    And you could make slight cuts in the strawberry slices placed on top to make them look like a hearts.

    Else Rd Velvet Cheese Cake :)

    P.S. Nice Pictures, really feel like having some cake right now!

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