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A wedding I shot back in September (where my mom acted as my second-shooter!) has been featured on Style Me Pretty Illinois today, and I know it would make the bride’s day if you left a comment on her featur. If you’d like to see my take on the day, view my Jenna Cole post on this same wedding here.

I have another wedding in two weeks, in San Diego. I asked on Twitter yesterday, but I’m trying to plan lunch for the drive between LA–>SD on Thursday afternoon, Thursday evening activity, Thursday dinner, meals on Friday, and some activities on Friday (I think there may be a rehearsal dinner/luncheon on Friday but I’m not sure when yet). Of course I’ll be busy on Saturday afternoon photographing the lovely Benita’s gorgeous wedding day!


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  1. I was in San Diego last year, and loved LaPuerta in the Gaslamp District. I also eat at The Marble Room (Gaslamp), which I thought was also pretty good (although it used to be the downstairs of a brothel and some of the pictures on the walls reflect this history, which may or may not bother you). Additionally, I ate in Tabule, also in the Gaslamp district, and liked it okay. I recall really liking my entree, but thinking the appetizer was just so-so.

  2. We just got back from our first trip to San Diego and loved the dinner we had at De Medici on 5th, near Market. We were worried it was going to be really touristy, because of the area that it’s in, but it was great! If you have a chance, head to Balboa Park – – to visit some museums – or just to walk around and look at the gorgeous architecture. While we were there, a couple were having their engagement photos taken in the Organ Pavilion.

  3. You’re looking for a lunch spot in LA?

    Jenna Reply:

    We’re leaving LA at about 1pm (after landing at 11:30 and 12:30 respectively, it’s me and my best friend) and we’re driving down to San Diego so we’ll definitely be hungry! You know me though, I want it to be an awesome experience. No fast food :)

    Oh and of course I would love something vegetarian/vegan, but I don’t think that is my friend’s thing.

    Emmie Reply:

    Okay, so I was just talking to Sean about which route you would have to take to get to LAX to SD, because my recommendation would be Bottega Louie ( downtown and then a stop by Baby Cakes, but Sean says that is out of your way but you could take the 5 to San Diego.

    But if you’re off the 405 – I would try Michael Voltaggio new place Ink ( I also like Mozza Pizzeria on Melrose.

    If you want the Beverly Hills experience you can always go to Jack and Jills and then across the street to Sprinkles (they did my wedding cupcakes). The food isn’t as amazing as the other places, but you get the full experience.

    All of these places are reasonably priced. I would say about $15 a person…but if you have a neighborhood you want to eat in let me know and I can give you a recommendation.

    Alicia Reply:

    There’s a Cafe Rio in Manhattan Beach… ha! Don’t know if you miss it at all, though. ;)

    Alicia Reply:

    Also, if you have a bit of time, I strongly recommend checking out The Kettle in downtown Manhattan Beach. It’s affordable, delicious, and my favorite place to go out to eat if I’m not being extravagant (in which case I like to go to Houston’s restaurant, also in Manhattan Beach). Both of these places are about 10-15 minutes south of the airport.

    Alicia Reply:

    Okay, so I have another recommendation. :D

    If you are taking the 405, which I assume you are, you may want to try taking the 73, a toll road that cuts between the 405 and the 5, so you avoid all the people on the 5 in Orange. The toll is $5.00 during non-peak hours and $5.75 during peak.

    BUT… here’s the important part… you drive through Newport Beach, Corona, etc. and you can go to Balboa Island or exit, wave at the Newport Beach temple, then go out to eat at Bandera in Corona Del Mar. Here’s their menu: Their tuna entree is to die for.

    I’m excited for you and sort of living vicariously through your planning… and now I am really hungry. ;)

  4. Jenna! Have lunch in Orange COunty! My neck of the woods. :) bandera is awesome and there is a Sprinkles nearby if you wanted cupcakes. Or Javier’s on PCH… Or anywhere in Laguna Beach! I went to college right by LAX and there are some great spots up there but I’d get the heck out of town before you hit traffic and down to OC. I’d recommend driving PCH for part of your trip then getting back on thr 5. I can give more info on this if you want. Just email. :)

  5. find the kogi truck. eat nothing else. it’s korean bbq/mexican fusion out of a truck that travels (i think a couple trucks) around the area, parks in lots at random places and sells the best food on the cheap. mmmmm, i’m dreaming of it.

  6. Definitely let me know if you end up spending any time in LA! I live pretty close to LAX, I’d love to meet up : )

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