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Cooking club has been really fun, but it hasn’t really been growing, and the past few months interest in attending has been so low that I’ve cancelled. I find this embarrassing, yes, but I’ve decided that I’m not going to let fear of failure hold me back. And really, is it failing if there are 3-4 women in my life who I spend a few hours with once a month and have a fantastic time with?

I admit, I hope that things go better in San Francisco though.

Back in November, my friend taught us how to make sushi. It was so easy! I then tried to make it myself, using brown rice, which left me with very loose rolls and not-quite-right rice, but I know it would have taken me a lot longer to try it if she hadn’t shown me how easy it is. Similar instructions to what she provided can be found here.

She also took some time to show how how to make dumplings. A bit time intensive with all of the folding (and making them look as pretty as she does is definitely an art) but worth the effort. A great tutorial similar to the one she gave us can be found here.

And that’s what we do at cooking club! Does it sound like what you were expecting when I introduced the idea a few months ago?

13 thoughts on “Cooking Club

  1. I’m so sad you are moving. I would have loved to do cooking club! I actually just applied to culinary school in Chicago. My husband will be attending grad school for photography there next year.

  2. You made my snacky self wish I had access to some sushi or dumplings right now! I totally would have joined…you know, if I didn’t live in Oregon. Haha, hope you get a nice turnout when you move to SF!

  3. Off topic but I’m sitting in my hotel in Siena, Italy going through your Italy posts trying to get some pointers for my trip. Thanks for those posts!

    Jo(ke) Reply:

    Thanks for the tip, Jenna. I got your email and accidentally deleted it off my phone so I’m answering here. How I wish we could go to Cinque Terre but no time. Can’t wait to read about your adventures there though!

  4. Good for you for starting something up! If Peace Corps has taught me nothing, it’s that you have to risk to succeed. Maybe you fail, but if you don’t try you definitely fail.. The sushi/dumplings look great by the way 😉

  5. Not sure if you figured out sushi, but look for a short grain brown rice (if youre committed to using brown rice, otherwise sushi/sticky rice is the best.) after cooking it, fold in (gently!) a mixture of rice wine vinegar, sugar and salt. I usually make 2 cups of rice if I’m hosting a group for sushi and fold in about 1/4 cup of rice vinegar with 1 tbsp sugar and a healthy sprinkling of salt! Let it cool all the way before rolling!

    Jenna Reply:

    I think I needed to let it cool more (and be more gentle about folding it in). Thanks for the tip!

  6. You should totally move to Sacramento instead of SF because I would love to join your cooking club. 🙂 But alas, I guess Sacramento can’t hold a candle to the joys and excitement of SF (as a Boston girl now in the Sacramento area, I may be a little jealous of your impending SF move!).

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