Gearing up for TWLC3

I was a complete fail at TWLC2. 

I stopped checking the #TWLC2 Twitter hashtag (and stopped using it), stopped checking in with our Facebook group, didn’t write any update posts here, and didn’t keep up with the group Google Doc. My Statistics class (and mye efforts to reacquaint myself with math that started in the beginning of November) was such a monumental effort that I had to let something go. Things got so bad near the end that I started buying freezer meals for T1 and TH to eat, stopped working out, stopped doing pretty much anything other than math and Statistics all day every day. My marriage and my family needed me to drop some commitments, and TWLC was one of the first things to go.

But now that’s behind me! I’m breezing through my Brit Lit class (1/3 of the way through in a matter of days) and looking forward to an action packed Spring/Summer/Fall. And so many of the things I’m looking forward to are things that motivate me to reach my goal weight!

I had my sister take a picture of me with my iphone before church on Sunday. I’m almost exactly where I was when I started TWLC2, waffling between a size 8-10 (in today’s vanity sizing system), and happy with how far I’ve come but not at all willing to settle in this spot. I’m still carrying far too much excess weight around my middle, and I don’t want to be one of those women talking about how I just kept gaining with each child and never got it off. The best thing I can do for myself is look at the big picture and keep reminding myself that 6 months of working insanely hard, denying myself some of the small pleasures, pushing myself to keep going for one more mile will be something I never regret.

I not only have Thailand in September (less than 6 months to reach my goal weight!), but family pictures on the 19th of April. I obviously won’t lose much before our pictures, but I can make the kind of choices that will have me feeling fabulous while Kelli Nicole snaps away. And I’ve devised yet another plan to act as motivation. I have 6 baby-free, husband-free weeks in Provo this summer where I can really push hard and eat what I want, when I want, exercise as much as I can, etc. One of my best friend’s works as a trainer at The Lab, and I really want to spend time training with her. I’m going to set a list of *completely achievable* goals, and if I reach them, I get to hire my friend as my trainer!

I’m also going to run a half-marathon this summer! I did 10 miles (on a bit of a whim) before I stopped running this winter, and so I think 13 is completely doable, especially if I start training now. And I’m going to start posting to my food blog again.

I asked this question in That Weight Loss Challenge Facebook group, but I’ll ask it here as well. What did you like and dislike about TWLC and TWLC2? I would like to keep the Facebook group, add in some sort of system for checking in weekly/biweekly that will kick people out if they don’t check in, increase the entrance fee (more money invested means more motivation!), utilize the #TWLC3 hashtag on Twitter, write weekly posts on That Wife about my progress, and possibly do some monthly chats hosted by different moderators (I still have no idea which service to use for this and would love suggestions).

And even though I’ve failed, there will still be several winners of TWLC2 walking away with cash and photo sessions! I’m really excited to see your after pictures, even if I can’t really provide any of my own.

(And please, don’t go on and on about how you most disliked me dropping the ball on TWLC2. I feel bad about it, but admit I wouldn’t do things any differently (I’m going to graduate from college soon!!!!!))

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  1. I don’t normally comment, but I have to say, you look fantastic! Love the outfit too!

  2. I think the Facebook page is an asset.

    I think a better check-in system would be beneficial. Maybe a less public check-in with a bi-weekly or monthly “reveal” of the leaders. That could be incentive to work your hardest – you don’t know how you compare until the big reveal and you see your name in lights (blogpost).

    I think you could also get some guest post fodder out of TWLC3. Feature some of the members who have done well to explain what they’ve changed and how they are feeling. Feature other members who may be accomplishing something big but not necessarily shooting up the charts in weight loss.

    These are just a couple of thoughts off the top of my head. I’ll think more!

    Stefanie Reply:

    I like the guest post idea a lot. I think it would be fun to see what other people are doing or how they are feeling about their losses or gains. I think it would be good motivation, as well.

    LifeOnMulberry Reply:

    Yes – guest posting sounds like a great idea! New thoughts on what’s working for different bodies, new recipes, and a fun way to introduce active participants.

  3. I agree with Beth! You look amazing and that outfit is perfect. Love love love the shoes!

  4. I kind of don’t like the idea of kicking people out of the challenge that paid to be in it.

    I know it may mess up the motivation for other people but what if life happens and for a month or so, I’m not able to update or have spiraled out of control and then get back on track, now all of a sudden I’m not allowed to? Even though I paid? No. I don’t like that.

    It would be neat to have an encouragement team. Maybe a few people who volunteer to send emails or Facebook messages to those struggling, or even those who are doing great, to keep up the motivation.

    April Reply:

    agreed. If I was to pay money, I shouldn’t get kicked out, unless I get my money back.

  5. I love that outfit…where did you get the sweater?

    I’m on board for round #3 finally if there is going to be one. Not pregnant and I have my milk supply established, so I’m ready to try!

    I actually joined Weight Watchers again…I’m kind of liking it more this time. They changed their system so most fruits/veggies are no point and processed foods are much higher in points. It definitely rewards you for making better eating choices. I’ve found myself doing much better already!

    Jenna Reply:

    It’s my sister’s sweater. Actually the whole outfit (minus the shoes) is hers. Benefit of being at home, I can raid my relatives closets.

  6. Love the outfit and keep up with the running. It took me years to finally consider myself a runner! It’s not easy but what I love it and really makes me feel better mentally and physically!

  7. A couple thoughts for you. One – that is a great outfit – LOVE IT and it looks so great on you! Two – you aren’t the only one who dropped the ball! The important part is making a choice to pick it up again. Go girl! Three – WOOHOO for already having done 10 miles, just be careful ramping it up so you don’t injure anything. (Other than taking in to account injury-avoidance) this is the BEST LINE from this post that I am taking with me! “one more mile will be something I never regret.” Awesome – you rock. And woohoo for working through Brit Lit!

  8. I’m doing my own weight loss challenge with my SILs and MIL. We’re currently using weight watchers online with apps on our phones and it is helping me so much! I’m throwing this idea out for you because you’ll have six weeks sans family and it would be an easy time to see if it works for you.

    I think you’re doing great and looking fabulous btw.

  9. I also think you look great! And I know you want to step it up and have a goal to achieve, but be proud of yourself for how you look – fabulous! – and all you’ve achieved. You look beautiful and you should be very proud of how you look.

  10. I love the idea of hearing more about your half marathon training! Its something I’ve always wanted to do and never have found anyone to train with. My husband has zero interest. Hope you’ll keep all posted on this!

    Lydia Reply:

    I’m doing my first half this Saturday (eek!). I started running with the Couch to 5K program in August of 2011. It’s almost surreal that I’m going to run 13.1 miles in three days. It’s like I can’t imagine it!

    With that said, you can read more about my journey to becoming a runner and (soon!) a half marathoner at my blog. (Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, Jenna!)

  11. Was there a way to join the TWLC2 FB group and maintain privacy? Or do all people on my FB friends list know I’ve joined Jenna’s group?

    Also, the holidays were a killer for me. I think I’m in for the next round too.

    Jenna Reply:

    I don’t know Facebook very well (it changes so fast!) but I do think you could lock down group membership so people can’t see it?

  12. I dropped the ball big time too…I started running but am still exactly where I started (largely because I am doing too much right now and am a stress eater…ugh). However, I will be graduating in early May and I can’t wait to be done and have some time to focus on this area of my life! I was taking two master’s level classes and two doctoral classes (with a lot of reading and writing) as well as planning a large conference…it was just too much to focus on losing weight in addition to all those things. I LOVE the Facebook group and greatly benefit from another Facebook group that is regularly updated (there are a LOT of active members). I like the idea of a check-in but I’m also not sure how I feel about kicking people out if they don’t check in. I just know how busy I have been and you never know what life will throw your way. Maybe we can have a certain number of freebies if you plan to do that? I also was writing to express that I would love, if at all possible, for TWLC3 to start right after TWLC2 so we don’t lose momentum (and because I’ll have more time to focus then and want to jump on the bandwagon right away).

  13. Jenna don’t feel bad about ‘dropping the ball’ (I’m not sure you did drop it). We’re all adults and ultimately if this is going to work we need to motivate & be accountable to ourselves.

    With that said I did no start as early in th competition as I woul have liked and really want to keep pushing myself even after twlc2 is done. I would like to see more posts on that wife and the chats. I don’t necessarily like kicking someone out since sometimes ‘life’ happens but Ido like the idea of more consistent group weigh ins.

  14. You are looking amazing, I love that outfit on you. I was feeling so guilty for not sticking with the challenge, but now I feel slightly better ;) Don’t feel bad about it though, graduating will be such a huge achievement!

  15. Side note on running: If you stopped running all together for 4 weeks you will have to start back from scratch.
    Here is some information I found when I was reading about running.
    1 week off: Resume at previous distance
    2 weeks off: Resume at half of previous distance
    3 weeks off: Resume at one quarter of the previous distance
    4 weeks off or more: Start from scratch with the alternate walk/run.
    So yes you can run a Half Marathon but you need to build your base back up first :)
    Good luck with your goals.

  16. You look amazing!!! Now that I’ve had our baby girl, I’m definitely hoping to join up with TWLC #3. I need some motivation right now and want to get rid of this extra fluff.

  17. Wow a size 8-10. I don’t think I ever was that size. You look fab and I think you will do great (again) you definitely motivate me after bebe girl arrives (in may) I can’t WAIT to get back to a normal weight. as in college, or even better highschool.

  18. What date are you going to start #3? I haven’t participated in first two, but I am excited to shed some baby pounds!

    Jenna Reply:

    I’m thinking about starting it on April 15th, the same day TWLC2 ends.

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