Washington and the Chickens

This is the story of my trip to Washington surprise my mom, and that one time I decided I really, really needed to get a chicken so I can have some baby chicks.

My mom tore her achilles up snowmobiling last month and has been sitting with her leg above her heart all day every day for almost 6 weeks now. Two weeks ago my dad called me, and asked if I’d be up for flying out to surprise my mom with T1. How fun! So I flew all day with T1, making sure I never sent out any tweets about packing or being in airports, arrived at my parent’s home at 4am Chicago time, woke up to T1’s cries 4.5 hours later, and walked into my mom’s room to wake her up with her only grandson in my arms.

She was shocked, and thrilled, as we knew she would be. It was a week that flew by, and though I was excited to return to Chicago and see That Husband again, I was sad to say goodbye. I didn’t take nearly enough picture (as usual) and I don’t think I have a single shot of my mom with T1! For shame. I’m going to do better next time.

We spent one day out at my grandparent’s dairy, where T1 wore a sweatshirt and pair of boots borrowed from my grandma that I probably wore as a kid. 🙂

The highlight of the trip for me was watching this chicken interact with her baby chicks. I have never seen anything like it before!

It’s heartwarming and magical to watch the chicks huddle in under their mom. I can’t believe they all fit!

I complain sometimes about T1 being up in my business and not allowing me personal space (to go to the bathroom and such), but this reminds me things could be a whole lot worse. 🙂

My favorite shot of the day. Look at that little chick peeking back at us!

I asked my cousins if they wanted to go outside and take some pictures with me, because the light was so nice.

T1 sat down without any prompting and let me get some shots of him as well. Thank you for being so cooperative little one.

I wanted some pictures of T1 and me together (there can never be enough of these). I like these two because of my hair. This is why studios are always employing wind machines.

Looks like T1 inherited my inability to do a good serious face for the camera.

Most of our time was spent hanging out on the couch, watching movies with my mom. I always think I’d like to have time to just sit and chill, with no cleaning or other things nagging at my brain, but my mom is literally chained to the couch, and that’s not the fun relaxing time I’m always longing for (not to mention the leg spasms and unending pain). I love you mom, and I’m glad that this period of your recovery is almost over.

T1 is so loved! Thanks for flying us out dad. I hope we can do it again and again and again.

12 thoughts on “Washington and the Chickens

  1. 🙂 I love the little chicks pictures. Especially own one of them decided to climb on its siblings.

    I love the second picture of you and T1 together. His face is changing a little, looking more like a boy than a toddler it seems. I smiled at the very first picture of this post too, somehow I have a feeling that it’s a facial expression you would do and that he is picking on.

    Glad you could make time go by faster for your mom 🙂 It’s a sweet surprise for both of you from your dad. Well all three of you with T1 really.

  2. Those chicks pictures ARE adorable! And I love that close up of you and T1 – beautiful!

    What a great way to help your mom with her recovery. I’m so glad you were able to do that for her, and I hope she heals quickly!

  3. So cute! That’s so wonderful that you were able to come and spend time with your mom while she recoops. I hope she’s doing better!

  4. I clearly don’t know much about poultry. What are they all doing under there? I thought mother birds chewed the food them fed babies (a la Alicia Silverstone, if you will). They aren’t breastfeeding, are they?! Or just trying to stay warm?

    I feel ridiculous even asking.

    Jenna Reply:

    I’m sad to admit… they are terrified! They keep hiding because we’re getting close to them. I feel awful, but I really wanted to take these pictures 🙂

  5. So adorable how delighted T1 looks by those calves! I love animals and I’d be so happy if my (someday) child loved them too.

  6. T1 went to the logs because he knew you would prompt him to- he was anticipating your next move!
    Life of a son with a photographer mother! 🙂 cute!

  7. I so agree with your favorite pic of the chicken. Even Uncle Mike said it was a great shot!

    Odd undocumented story from a Park Ranger at Arlington-Gen Lee (South) kept a pet chicken with him all through the Civil War.

  8. I love the pictures! Baby chicks were my favorite part of growing up on a farm.

    And I think you should blow up that first picture of T1 to poster size…it just keeps making me smile…all that personality!

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