Lake Garda: Where We Stayed

As I mentioned before, our Lake Garda lodging choice was made based on the list provided me by Mrs. Carousel. Other options that caught my eye included Hotel Cortina and Miro Hotel, but the pictures on the La Vittoria website won me over in the end, combined with their offer to give me a pass to a gym/waterpark for free (I went once and got a massage that was fine, but not great).

I loved our room. It was really big, full of light, and very quiet. We didn’t have a view of the lake, but I appreciated the extra space (Carousel’s room had a view of the lake and was half the size of ours). The price was great, around $100 a night I think. It was very easy to park and unload the suitcases, and when we arrived late, without a phone call or notification, we found the owners enjoying a glass of wine while waiting for us. They welcomed us warmly and showed us quickly up to our room. I didn’t feel like the website made this clear.

There were a few drawbacks to this place. In our room, number 8, the internet was testy and very slow. We had trouble getting passes so we could use the ipad and the iphone simultaneously (because we were grounded due to injury we spent a lot of time just chilling in our room). The biggest drawback for me was how far away we had to park the car to keep it in the private lot overnight. It was nice to get the exercise (a 15-20 walk) but I was always the one who had to do it because my partner-in-crime was down for the count.

La Vittoria is located right on the main thoroughfare, and I think it’s one of the prettiest hotels in the area. I was jealous of the rooms with a balcony AND a view of the lake! Breakfast was on the patio and was my 3rd favorite out of the 4 breakfasts we had during our trip (it was actually really good by American standards, but La Torre and Aemelia were phenomenal). Farther down toward the center of town we heard bands playing, and I liked that we were far enough away that we didn’t have to listen to any of that.

If you decide that Garda is a good place for you (if you want to experience a cross between German and Italian culture this is the place to go!), La Vittoria is a lovely place to stay. The owners and staff were so kind and I hope they continue to be successful!