Brain Dump

1. 2 Months Left

We now have less than 60 days in Chicago. Some of you will be shocked to hear I”m drafting a post on things I love about this place and will be sad to leave behind. 🙂

2. BookSend

Some friends at Harvard are launching a site called Book Send. You sign up, they do the research, each month your child receives two books. I think it’s a great option for grandparents (especially those who live far away and feel a little out of touch concerning their grandchild’s needs, because you can never have too many books!)

3. PinterestFail

I just put up two new posts. Check it. Subscribe. Submit.

4. Pogo

We love him. His remixes of sounds from popular TV shows and movies like Lord of the Rings, Fresh Prince, Up, and a Disney Princess mash-up have been played in our house dozens of times. He takes existing sounds and layers them with the sounds of drums and electronica sounds to make something… unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. He’s also launched a project called World Remix. He wants to go around the world to different cultures and record the sounds of that particular place, creating a song that reflects who they are in some way. He has one example of this up already called Kadinchey. Isn’t that beautiful?

One warning though, I wouldn’t show the videos to your toddler. They move quickly from one colorful scene to the next, and they are addicting. T1 will tell us he wants more over, and over, and over. Now we just play him the MP3s.

5. CPS

I decided not to renew my membership with Canon Professional Services, which I now realize was a huge mistake. One of the pins in the card slot of my dSLR ended up bent all the way down after my last wedding and so I was forced to send my beloved 5Dmkii off for repair. I was curious to find out what it was like to send it off to Canon without CPS membership, and I didn’t have any shoots scheduled between my wedding in March and my wedding in April, so I sent it off to test things out. I’ve now been without my camera for two weeks (!), and it looks like it will be close to three before I get it back. The repair cost me over $200 and I think I have to pay for shipping both ways.

CPS is definitely worth it.

6. TWLC3

Have you signed up? If not, what’s holding you back? I have a really good feeling about this round. Do it here!

7. Instagram

I am in L-O-V-E with Instagram lately. Are you using it? I didn’t really get into it until I started a 365 photo project (it’s simple, I’m just aiming to take at least one picture a day and upload it to Instagram to document our life). I love the challenge of trying to create art with my iphone (some days I do better than others).  My username is ThatWife. Here are two recent favorites:

This window washer was 30+ floors up and leaned back to give me a better shot. Those guys are amazing!

6 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. I love the BookSend idea. I am signing up for both of my boys. Would you like me to put your name as a referral so you get the credit?

    Jenna Reply:

    Yes! Please do, I would love that, thank you. (Jenna Andersen)

  2. Love the brain dump.
    Technical question. I have replied to some of your twitter comments- &sometimes I don’t see my reply to you! For example, the instagram photo of T1 being caught coloring the wall- i saw your shadow and i replied how comical it was to see your shadow & T1’s expression like it eas ominous (but oh so charmingly cute!) my twitter is kit_bruin.
    Random I know.

    And book send- anyone can sign up? We had a mom’s group book exchange. Ugh very cool concept but it only worked if everyone articipated in the exchange.

    Jenna Reply:

    I haven’t been seeing them either! I tried sending you a follow request to see if that fixes it?

    And yes, anyone can sign up for BookSend right now.

  3. I think I’m going to do that! I can get his name and information from the apartment complex.

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