T1 Day v2


On your birthday we called your grandparents and they asked us what the schedule was for the day. “Um, I think we’re going to go to Costco?” It was a little bit confusing for them that we weren’t celebrating your birthday on the anniversary of your birth, or even the same weekend, but we’re a pragmatic sort of family (you’ll understand soon enough) and so we picked the best date in April and planned from there. Celebrating your birthday 16 days after your birth date meant that we were able to celebrate stress-free, instead of trying to cram everything around other events. It was a rare weekend where we spent the majority of our time together as a family and it was a beautiful. I don’t know how we’re going to make this work next year when dad is working so much, but I think with some early planning we can make it happen.

You actually started the day in the middle of the night. Your diaper was dirty (a rare nighttime occurrence these days) and after we teamed up to change you we decided to bring you into our bed and see if you’d like to sleep with us. You snuggled up in the middle of the bed and then… then you just stared at us for over two hours. Every time either of us would wake and look over at you, you’d be staring at the other parent. It was sweet. Your dad finally decided to put you to bed when he woke up to your little hand caressing his back so softly. Co-sleeping just isn’t your thing, though that doesn’t mean we won’t keep trying every so often.

After a night like that you slept all the way until 10:00 am. I was making lemon poppyseed pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream and while I finished up you watched some Disney cartoons in Polish. T1 Day means you get what you want when you want! (Within reason of course.)

This is a frequent stance for you. Frustrated face, finger pointing where you’d like me to go. You’re so bossy sometimes!

After breakfast we changed and went downstairs to swim with our best friends. You were in the pool by the time I got downstairs with your present and didn’t seem interested in getting out so your friends dove right in and opened it for you.

Water wings and a floaty! You didn’t like either and preferred to be in our arms or standing next to us on the stairs.

Favorite picture of the day! You love your dad SO much and want to spend as much time with him as you possibly can.

You playing with your best friend. We’re going to miss these guys so much when we move. *tear*

After showers and a change of clothes we turned on some POGO and danced around the house while we got everything ready for your friends to come over and play.

While waiting for everyone to arrive we played with some playdough and listened to Elizabeth Mitchell.

Once your best friend was up from his nap it was time for THE BALLOON ROOM. We cleared out our bedroom, lined the bed with pillows and blankets, and covered the bed with balloons. You guys had so much fun!

It’s hard being the third child, you know? :)

Love you little one.
I really wanted to get a family picture in the balloons, but by the time I thought to take it you were D-O-N-E. I was sad.

Your friends had to go, but we convinced them to stay long enough to eat some chocolate covered banana bites.

As we sang you reached forward, and I thought you were going to touch the flame.

Nope, you wanted to start eating! That’s my boy.

We did grab one picture of the three of us before your friends left. Thanks Kelty!

After everyone left you were exhausted and took a long nap. I made chicken, potatoes and carrots, asparagus, and macaroni and cheese for dinner and then we called my parents while you opened a few more presents (I knew I did a good job buying your toys when you opened the first one and didn’t even want to open the second because you were so excited about your pita pocket game!)

We ended the night stretched out in the living room, playing on the ipad and exhausted after a long day. I’m already looking forward to planning your third birthday though. T1 Day is one of my favorite days of the entire year!

9 thoughts on “T1 Day v2

  1. So fun! T1 is a lucky little guy. PS: that teal sweater looks amazing on you!

  2. What a lovely day! Everyone seemed to have a LOT of fun. Happy Birthday, T1!

  3. The b/w pic of him in the pool is quite possibly my favorite ever! What a fabulous day!! I love your Balloon Room – I will definitely be copying that! You are such a wonderful, fabulous mom!!

  4. Ahh, so cute. I love it. Not only was the balloon room fun for the kids, but what fun photos! I’ve got ideas churning in my brain. I know Addie would get such a kick out of it! Btw, I think those educo games look so fun and I’m happy to hear a positive review about the pita one. I will definitely be putting it on my wishlist for Addie.

  5. Happy belated birthday!!! What a SUPERFANTASTIC day! Love everything about it from the balloons to the banana bites. Will have to pinch these lovely sweet and simple ideas for Simon’s 2nd!

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