05 May

5 Years of Us

Posted by Jenna, Under Personal

Five years + three weeks ago, I said I wanted to be with you. Today is the anniversary of the day you said yes.

I love us. You’ll always be my favorite.


  1. *Sniff *sniff.. I love this post!! happy anni to you both.. treasure the small moments right?


  2. andrea says:

    is that the day you started dating? or when he proposed? 7 years ago today is when I started dating my husband.

    Jenna Reply:

    The day we started dating. How fun that we share a date-aversary!

  3. Happy 5 years! :) xx

  4. Vanesa says:

    Happy 5 years (& 3 weeks)!

    P.S. I think you’re missing a verb there –> ”I said I wanted to ___ with you.””

    Jenna Reply:

    Thank you! I couldn’t correct from my phone but I will now :)

  5. 5 years! Congrats!

  6. Life on Mulberry says:

    My in laws celebrate their proposal anniversary every year, which I think is so sweet. Ours is on Christmas eve, so always takes a backseat to the family holiday. I hope you’ll recognize this milestone forever!


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