TWLC3 Week 6

I’ve started my revised Once playlist as I write this post, same songs I’ve listened to a hundred times before, but I find they hold a slightly different meaning now that I’ve seen the Broadway musical. I saw the musical with a friend of mine  in New York this weekend! Some friends graciously hosted me for a weekend of photography, blisters (all that walking!), and food.

Oh the food! I worked really hard to eat my veggies (and pretty much nothing but veggies) for the days leading up to the trip, because I had plans to make my social time on Friday and Saturday all about delicious culinary adventures. I met an e-friend on Friday afternoon, another on Friday evening, another on Saturday morning, and the same friend from Friday night on Saturday afternoon along with another mutual friend we have. It was AWESOME. We ate at Doughnut Plant, Caracas, Eataly, Levain’s, and Sarabeth’s, all which I highly recommend if you are planning a trip to NYC.

Now that I’m back, I’m stuffed and bloated and thinking about what I would do differently. I would definitely eat at all of those places still, but I think if I could have a do-over, I would really focus on eating less at each location. I’m forever going to be fighting a tendency to binge because of the mindset that I get into which has a little voice screaming into my ear “YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO GET THIS EVER AGAIN!!!” That little voice is a liar, and I know that, but I’ve got to keep working to remember that in the moment.

One of the highlights of my trip was a 4-mile run through Central Park on Saturday morning. I was doing it on 5.5 hours of sleep and came so close to rolling over and going back to sleep for an hour. How often do you get to run next to a castle though? Central Park is magic.

Best nutrition choice of the last week:

Interestingly, my best nutrition choice has to do with cheesecake! I was going to cooking club, where I knew we would be sampling cheesecake (my favorite dessert). I asked in the Facebook group how much I should/could eat, and the vote was one bite. I had one bite and was perfectly satisfied. I must keep this in mind in the future!

Worst nutrition choice of the last week:

My worst choice revolves around dessert as well. I was walking home from some time down in the East Village and my feet were chapped and bleeding, badly in need of a shoe change. I stopped at Levain’s for some cookies to bring home to TH, and convinced myself I could eat one to help me make it through the 10 blocks I had left to walk. The first few bites were magnificent, but by the end I admit I was just kind of eating it because it was there and my feet hurt and I was tired. It didn’t really taste good anymore! Those cookies and are meant to be shared or eaten in stages I think. :)


5 thoughts on “TWLC3 Week 6

  1. OMG the Levain cookies are 800-900 calories each!

    Jenna Reply:

    Oh goody. I’m happy to see I didn’t gain anything over the weekend, but it’s possible I could have *lost* weight due to all of that walking.

    balebusta Reply:

    That’s pretty impressive! I credit your level of activity this weekend, the walking, the photog-ing and your run! It’s great that you really got to take in so much NYC awesomeness this weekend, food, friends, and city life. I hope you come back soon!

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