Your Favorite Female Mormon Bloggers

I’m working on a really exciting project for one of my classes and could use your help in the preliminary stages of my research. I’m going to study some of the top blogs written by Mormon females, but when I write down the list of blogs I know of I’m not coming up with enough. Would you mind telling me what your favorite blogs are that are written by Mormon females?

The only criteria I have so far is that they must indicate their religion on their site in some way. In an FAQ section, a post with pictures of them walking out of an LDS temple, a link in their sidebar to  They can be a mommy blogger, lifestyle blogger, craft blogger, food blogger, fashion blogger, or anything in between. They must be Mormon, must be female, and they must make both of those things known to their readers.

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  1. Other than yourself, here are the Mormon female bloggers I read:

    +Rockstar Diaries
    +Oh Happy Day
    +Ruffles and Stuff

    There were a couple more that I thought were Mormon, but I can’t find a mention of it on their blogs to confirm.

    Jenna Reply:

    Paste more in, I’m willing to do the legwork to figure out if they might be Mormon!

    Naomi C. Reply:

    Here they are:

    Lauren Reply:

    Cardigan Empire is definitely Mormon. She is the godmother of Stephanie Nielson’s kids.

  2. I have a few, but you might already have these ones:

    Sydney Poulton from
    Jennifer Borget from
    Jordan Page from
    Sara & Kate of
    Cjane from
    Jordan Ferney from
    Liz Stanley from
    Gabrielle Blair from
    Natalie from
    Allison of

    Those are the ones that I can think of off the top of my head, if I remember any more I will post them too! Good luck, sounds like it will be an interesting read!

  3. My favorite is Every Day I Write the Book. I know the author’s name is Kacy, but I don’t know her surname.

    I don’t know if this one counts, because it’s a group, but I also like Feminist Mormon Housewives a lot.

    Also, because of your post about grammar from the other day, I thought you might like a gentle reminder that the singular of criteria is criterion. :)

    Jenna Reply:

    Thanks for the grammar tip Erin! I didn’t know that. You’re going to have me sounding so smart within the next few weeks.

  4. Janae at Hungry Runner Girl!

    Jenna Reply:

    I’m so happy to add a healthy living blogger to my list.

  5. I wouldn’t say favorites, because I’ve never really read her blog, but I know somewhat famous is Stephanie Nielsen, the woman who was burned (along with her husband) when the plane they were in crashed. I remember first hearing her story on Oprah.

  6. Nat the Fat Rat, Natalie Norton Blog, The Daybook, The Redheaded Hostess, 71 Toes…I could go on. The majority of the blogs I read are written by Mormon women.

    Jenna Reply:

    Go on, please! I think I want a certain number from each category, so I’d love more to choose from.

  7. I read like the rockstar diaries and oh happy day. The writer of oh happy day also has a sister that blogs but I couldn’t find anything on her blog about being mormon, other than when she mentions that she watched conference, but her blog is

    I’m glad to read about so many more that I will get to discover!

  8. — I think you know Janssen so this may already be on your list?

    Jenna Reply:

    Love her! Yes, she’s on my list.

  9. the ones i read have already been mentioned (really respect designmom). also dandee-designs is great!

  10. My favorites are:

    Yours :)
    La Vie Petite (
    The Daybook (
    Good Cheer (

    I also like the blogs written by Nie Nie, Janssen, Janssen’s sister Merrick, Natalie (Nat the Fat Rat), and Naomi (Rockstar Diaries).

  11. Ahhh! Everyone got the ones I know, but I’m excited to add the others listed. I would never have guessed that some of my favorite bloggers would be Mormon, as I am not Mormon myself. I wonder what the mix of readers are of these blogs- Mormon vs not Mormon. Jenna, let us know what your project conclusions are when you are finished! I’d love to know!

  12. My new favorite blogger is Meg in Progress. She is an amazing writer and has one of the first blogs I have read that is completely honest about everything. I know she is mormon because she talked about going to an LDS temple last week.

    Good luck!

  13. I’m shocked no one has mentioned Marta Writes or Little Red House..

    I’m not Mormon but read a lot of Mormon blogs.. my favorites:

    Marta Writes
    Oh Happy Day
    The Day Book
    Little Red House
    The Painted Peacock
    Say Yes to Hoboken

    Evelyn Reply:

    I also love Marta Writes, and her mom’s blog is insightful too, i can’t think of the url, but it’s Traveling Oma.

  14. I’m on my phone and it’s not working out too well for commenting! I like Make It and Love It ( , I Am Momma (, The Daybook (, Design Mom.

  15. Jessica at She is a fantastic LDS mother to four kids.

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