Poland 2012

I was still pregnancy sick during our trip to Poland this year, so it wasn’t quite what everyone was expecting. My FIL took work off so we could go out and explore the country a bit more, but I only managed to make it out of the house twice in two weeks. Next time I am planning to take Poland by storm!

Our first outing was to the Wieliczka Salt Mine. I’ve actually been to this mine once before, on my first trip to Poland with my mom back in 2008, and I loved it so much I asked if we could go again so I could experience it with That Husband. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, and if you are headed to Poland I think the salt mine is worth it. Our tour guide told jokes that were actually funny (his humor was very dry and I really liked it) and I love the mix of history and folklore told throughout the tour.

My favorite part is the Chapel of Saint Kinga, filled with statues and reliefs and even chandeliers carved entirely out of salt. To read more about the mine and see more pictures click here.

The other day I made it out of the house was for the birthday party of a family friend. We were there for a few hours in the afternoon and I managed to squeeze in two naps. It was ridiculous, but everyone was very nice about it and expressed lots of love and well wishes for the baby. The time when I was awake was spent eating, playing Settlers of Catan (a new obsession of mine), and staring out at this view from the front porch of the cabin where the birthday party was held.

The rest of my time was spent recovering from the incredibly taxing task that is eating and showering (note: sarcasm). T1′s trip wasn’t at all affected by my knocked-up-down-and-out status because he did the same thing he does every time we visit Poland: spent copious amounts of time with Jaja and Babcia, ran around the wonderland that is my FIL and MIL’s backyard, ate a whole lot of sausage, and relaxed in his little green chair watching Polish cartoons.

We didn’t get a single picture of the three of us together. For shame!

We came home with two pairs of Croc-like shoes. They really are the greatest warm-weather kid’s shoes of all time.

My favorite from the trip. :)

We’re so lucky to be able to give our kids experiences like this even when their grandparents live halfway around the world.

I don’t know if our yearly trips will continue now that we have two kids and That Husband has started his new job, but I look forward to our next visit so that T2 can experience all of this as well (and so I can go river rafting down the Dunajec river!)

8 thoughts on “Poland 2012

  1. The salt mine looks amazing! I really want to visit it someday: you are lucky to get to go (twice!). So incredible to think of the generations of salt miners (not exactly people living lives of ease) donating their time to make something beautiful like that.

    Sorry you weren’t feeling well. At least you have a good excuse to go back (and then cover a bit more)!

  2. I love that T1 has a Jaja! I grew up with a Jaja and a Bushi. For my little girl, my father also wanted to be called Jaja, but my mom didn’t want to be a Bushi so she came up with the nickname of GiGi.

    Anne Reply:

    My mother wanted to be called Gran, but my toddler son can’t pronounce it. He has now re-christened her “Gaga”.

  3. While I’m sure it must have been difficult not to get to do what you had hoped for. I think it’s still wonderful that you went. You are creating wonderful memories for your son and it’s good for your husband to go home. I know how good it felt for me to go back to France over Christmas. Next trip we probably won’t do as much since it will likely be the first trip of the Little One to France but that’s ok. Sometimes it’s just about taking in the moments and soaking in family time.
    It sounds like you feel better though, glad to hear!

  4. Jenna,

    Thank you so much for sharing the photos of the salt mine – I clicked over to the link and it is spectacular! I imagine it’s even more amazing in person.

    The photos your posted of T1 are incredible! Would you mind sharing what lenses you used and how you processed them? Poland looks like a beautiful country.

    Jenna Reply:

    The first three of him are with the 85mm 1.4 the rest are with the 35mm 1.4. All of the pictures are processed with VSCO 01 http://visualsupply.co/film/. Love those presets so much!

    Sheila Reply:

    Thank you! The 85 mm produces the most gorgeous images. And thank you for sharing the link to the presets!

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