Hallowen 2012

We dressed up for trick-or-treating at T1′s second preschool (yes, he’s attending two different ones!) and so I’m able to post our costumes on the day of Halloween.

I’m Ann Romney, Circa 1970 (her kids were born in the 70s so she would have been pregnant then). I’m looking forward to taking this awesome dress in to a tailor and have the neckline made into a boatneck and the length shortened to my knees. I think it’ll be really great! For now I barely squeezed into it, haha.

T1 is Mitt Zombie.

Shoutout to my favorite show, 30 Rock! You are free to take this as anĀ endorsementĀ of Mitt or some fun with his name/political reputation. It’s up to you.


Growing up we never, ever had store-bought costumes and I think I’d like to do the same for our kids. We’ll likely have to explain the costumes to everyone we see, but Mitt Zombie has been a hit so far!

8 thoughts on “Hallowen 2012

  1. You two look adorable – that dress is amazing – was it a thrifted find?

    Jenna Reply:

    Yep! Here’s to hoping I can fit into it again by next Halloween, haha.

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