Halloween 2012 (v. II)

I knew I needed an alternative costume for one of the Halloween celebrations we were attending (Mitt Zombie is a bit politically charged right now, and confusing because I won’t tell people whether it’s me advocating for him or having some fun with his name :) ) and I had planned to just send T1 out as a zombie. The day before Halloween I was in Costco and saw that they had fireman raincoats and boots (two things that T1 needs anyway). I stopped in to Goodwill and snagged a fireman hat for $1.50. Guess that’s one of the benefits of cliche costumes, secondhand stuff is easy to find. Will keep this in mind for the future.

T1 as a Fireman.

I like dressing up, but didn’t have any ideas until I spotted this red wig sitting next to the fireman hat. I thought I could probably still squeeze into this dress (just barely) and thus I went as Fire. Although the boy we went trick-or-treating said I looked like a clown. Should have looked for a red nose I guess?

Oh to be one of those women who just paints their belly and sticks it out of their shirt. Yeah, that’s not going to work for me.

A big thank you to our hosts for the night. Ninja, Fireman, Cinderella.

I think by next year he’ll be ready to tell me what he wants to be. It will be so fun to design a family costume that centers around his preference!

2 thoughts on “Halloween 2012 (v. II)

  1. I agree w/you about being excited for next yr when they are a tad older to see what their preference is! :-)
    This yr I knew guarenteed our lil one would wear anyone of her tutu’s FOR HOURS (she loves skirts & tutus). Anyhow- drew togeter a fairy outfit with the wings she already has and face glitter and glitter leggings/tights and voĆ­la! She refused to wear her wings or carry her wand but rocked her tutu.
    Aw the mind of a stubborn toddler!

    Cant wait for next year! When she understands more and kinda gets it!
    We had a family friend- the parents went as pirates while their lil one was a parrot. Ha.

  2. Whoahhhh!! Long-time lurker, one-two times commenter here. Haven’t checked in a while, and was NOT expecting announcement of T2!! :D You have no idea how ecstatic and happy I am for you three (and PROUD) of your degree!! Finishing one takes a lot of guts and hardwork.

    Did I tell you I’m so freakin’ proud of you?!? :D


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