Thanksgiving 2012 (Mini) Road Trip

That Husband started traveling this week and T1 and I are working on figuring out how to adjust to him not coming home at night. I was very careful to use new language when describing where TH is. Usually we talk about how he is “working hard”, but now we say he is “travelling” and I talk about the place where he has traveled to. I hope that over time T1 learns to distinguish between the days that I tell him TH is traveling (meaning he won’t be coming home that night) and the days TH is working hard (meaning he will get to have daddy put him to bed!). Although there are many ways it will be stressful, one positive benefit I’ve already identified is that I’ll get a little more “me time” (if T1 ever decides to go to bed, it’s 10:00 pm and he is refusing to do so as I type this). Usually I make dinner and clean up and then devote the rest of my night to spending time with my boys. Now that TH is gone 3 nights/week, that hour I spent with him can be some time I use for my own little projects.

Of course I’m not going to make any assumptions about what blogging will be like for the next few months, especially with the baby, but I did cross a item off my to-do list last week — I finished sorting and scanning in all of our receipts from the past year! I still need to go into Mint and categorize everything from April/May until the present, and then a bunch of Jenna Cole related tax stuff (which is extra annoying considering I haven’t even been working much!). If I finish that up before the baby comes then I’ll get to attack all of the blog posts that have been building up over the past few months. Hooray!

For now though, I wanted to share some photos from our post-Thanksgiving road trip down to Monterey. We originally planned on doing the 17-mile drive and then visiting the aquarium, but we left late and the weather was so nice that paying a bunch of money to stay inside didn’t sound appealing just yet. So we did the 17-mile drive and then went over to Capitola (and yes, we went to Gayle’s :) ) to check out the beach over there. It ended up being one of our favorite family-together-time weekends ever!

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T1 started off a little skeptical of the ocean. Fully-dressed. None of us were actually dressed for the beach but we made it work.



He caught on to the wave chasing game pretty quickly. It didn’t take him long to lose his shoes and socks and roll up his pants. We had been begging him for a long time to use the potty that day, and we finally just stripped his bottom half completely and told him to go to down in the ocean. He thought that was pretty awesome.




And then of course, he fell, his shirt was wet, and we ended the day with a naked baby running in and out of the ocean at the end of November. Oh yeah, we are loving it here in California.

Why yes, I want to hang this up somewhere in our house. Love him, love our little family, love this weekend.



24 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2012 (Mini) Road Trip

  1. Your photography is gorgeous … and the subjects are cute, too! Can’t wait for the trolls to criticize you for posting certain ones of your son. Don’t let them rock your boat; he’s yours and he’s darling!!

    Marissa C Reply:

    I agree on the gorgeous photography! However, the pics made me cringe, not because they aren’t gorgeous and cute, but because it will bring the inevitable haters. I will say I have been careful about posting naked photos of my daughter online now–I’ve heard of them ending up in awful places.

    Megan Reply:

    This, this this this. I too have read multiple stories about pedophiles taking parents’ pictures for their own gratification, but even aside from that, having these photos out on the internet means they are always going to be out there for any bully to find. I have always really admired your stance on preserving T1′s privacy and to be honest, this post shocked me. It seems like such a turnaround on allowing T1 to stay off the internet until he’s decided for himself how much he wants to share.

  2. Beautiful pictures (though now I feel homesick for CA: can’t wait to visit soon!). Is this the first time T1 has visited the beach (at least in his memory)? It’s so much fun to see them experience things for the first time: for me it’s almost like getting a do-over myself and feeling all the excitement and wonder once again.

    Also think maybe it was a good call to skip the aquarium. I love that place so much, but on Thanksgiving weekend it would have been a chaotic madhouse and probably not that fun to an active little toddler. Looks like he had a great time exploring the coast instead!

    Jenna Reply:

    I can’t think of another beach trip we’ve made together, so yes, I think this was his first encounter with the ocean! I think we were there for like 2 hours, just running back and forth and chasing the waves. He was in heaven.

  3. Nice to see a new entry from you! Also I’m insanely jealous of a beach trip in November. This Canadian girl can’t even fathom it!

  4. Oh, it looks like you had an amazing weekend. Ours was spent doing shopping for house things. Black Friday is horrible!

    I have to admit, Mr B is off on business all this week and I was thinking that it would be nicer after we have kids, it’s really lonely when it’s just me on my own!

  5. Oh, I love the beach! I’m so sad we moved so far away from it when we used to be so close. I love that last shot of T1. Definitely frame worthy.

  6. My husband does nights sometimes for clinicals and as much as we both want to be done with school before we have kids I sometimes wish I had a little buddy to snuggle on nights when he’s away. The dog will have to do for now. The photo of T1 peeing in the ocean had me cracking up. Little boys are such a hoot (my little brother – maybe 3 at the time – was caught peeing on our mailbox once when we were all playing outside). :)

  7. Looks like so much fun! Capitola was one of my favorite day-trips when we lived in silicon valley. These photos make me miss it!

  8. Such beautiful photos! I was born and raised in California, but I have yet to go to Capitola. My grandparents rave on it, though. I love the nakie pics of T1; he is such a doll! I have plenty similar pics from my childhood!

  9. It’s unusual to have had such a warm day in November. On the other hand, I’ve been to the Northern California beaches during a January warm spell, and it was definite wading weather. So glad you’re enjoying yourselves out here. Best place in the world.

  10. Love the beach!!! T1 is getting so big! What do u do with the scanned receipts?

    Jenna Reply:

    We digitize the ones we need for returns or business purporses. That way we don’t have to store a bunch of random scraps of paper! It also makes it really easy to search and find what we need because we label them based on the date and the store.

  11. I love these photos!! T1 looks soo happy and free! And you are looking beautiful as well. I’m happy that things are going well for your family in CA. My family lived in CA for 6 yrs when I was growing up and while I was young (6-11) I still remember it and have very fond memories from living there. Such a beautiful place!

  12. I love the peeing photo. It’s so funny and so cute. It probably really captures this time in T1′s life :)

    My husband is a pilot and is away 50% of the time, usually for a couple weeks at a time. I have two routines: daddy’s home and daddy’s away. I actually love it when he’s not here. I get lots of time to do my own thing, there’s no one to balk at pancakes for dinner and I get extra time with M. Of course M has started to call my phone dada cause we Skype sometimes, but he doesn’t seem to mind that he’s away yet.

  13. Love the photos!
    We LOVE 17 mile drive & Monterrey. To me it’s like heaven. Space, picnic tables, beaches, waves. Places to walk. Low key town feel! Mmm.

    I dont know why people need to look at the photos and be so protective. My parents would likely feel the same way but sheesh- we live only once and if MY parents had fun memorable family kid photos like that of me i would be tickled pink at the the thought of the day we lived it up on the beach and gave a rats ass what the world thinks! :-)

    My husband worke nights. But comes home to sleep during the day. Not sure how i would handle the out of town hubby/dad thing. My friend has a babysitter from care dot com she uses to help her have mornings off to run errands… My kiddo enjoys facetiming daddy at night when she misses him and no amount of consoling helps until she can speak to him to say what she did that evening/day without him. My dad was a sherrif & marine and had hellacious hours of being away or working night shifts.

    Kids trnd to adjust and roll with the punches. I turned out fine! My mom and other moms make it work and kids escape unphased. Not that you’re worried. Just sayin…!

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