Nana and Me Photos

I have only a handful of images of me with my mom growing up. She says she tried, but no one ever wanted to take over the camera. I’m trying to make sure this doesn’t happen with me and my own kids, but I’ve realized that the same thing is happening once again with my own kids! There really aren’t that many photos of T1 with his grandma, and I want to make sure that doesn’t become the status quo for us.

So four days after T2 was born we cleared out a corner of my bedroom and did a quick photo session with T1, T2, and Nana. I was tired, sweating, and exhausted afterward but these pictures are so worth it. My parents are coming back in early March and I might try and convince them to do one more quick session with the kids while both Nana and Papa are here so they have nice pictures with grandpa as well. Next time we visit Poland I want to do the same thing with That Husband’s family as well!

When I launched Jenna Cole, my mom told me “No matter what kind of success you find with your business, you’ll be so glad you have this equipment and these skills when you have kids.” She was so right.

Thanks again for your help mom. We love you.

8 thoughts on “Nana and Me Photos

  1. Your mom is right about the photography equipment and your gift. The ability you have to see the right light and angles for your photos is wonderful. These photos are beautiful and I’m sure you and your mom will cherish them forever. Also, you and your mom have the same exact smile! You can see it in that first photo above. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures. You will be so grateful to have these memories years from now (your Mom too, i`m sure). She’s so little & sweet and T1 is so cute as a big brother!

  3. What beautiful photographs! Your mom is so right – I wish I had better skills & equipment. You will have beautiful pictures to last a lifetime! Just make sure you get in them, too! I need to be better at that as well.

  4. I cant get over how grown up T1 looks! Oh my goodness I swear he was just a baby a couple weeks ago! Adorable pics!

  5. What a beautiful grandma!

    I agree with her about photography – looking back at the photos I’ve taken with my son over the years, I am glad I have such beautiful keepsakes.

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