T2’s Newborn Session

Kelli Nicole gifted us T1’s birth and newborn photos, but I knew we wouldn’t be able to pay someone for both types of photos when T2 was born. Photographing my own birth was impossible, so I hired Kelly M for that, and crossed my fingers that I would recover fast enough from the birth to be able to manage a DIY newborn session before T2 outgrew the cuddly/sleepy newborn stage.

On Valentine’s day my sister and I quickly made the bed, gathered up the photo stuff, and prepped both kids for our photo session. We shot for about an hour (could not have done it without Shay, thanks my dear!), kept it very simple, and ended up with what you see below.

Look how light her hair is! I think she might actually have a little bit more than T1 did, but it’s so light that it’s harder to see.

I think this is the one I’m going to enlarge and hang above the stairs.

While we took pictures, T1 patiently waited for his turn to take pictures with T2.

I wasn’t going to be in any pictures that day (we’re doing family photos next weekend) but everyone was happy and so I quickly put my hair up and put on some mascara. T1 wouldn’t take his finger out of his nose and I am post-birth chubby, but T2 looks adorable, right?

We ended with a few of me and my girl.

My GIRL! I had a girl! It’s still so strange to me. I love her so much.

23 thoughts on “T2’s Newborn Session

  1. Jenna these are exactly the kind of newborn photos I love. Not a bunch of ridiculous props or poses, just lots of the baby being sweet and natural. Great job! And her dress is perfection! So in love.

    Jenna Reply:

    Funny note, and then a sad one

    Funny – I bought that dress while pregnant with T1, because I wanted a girl 🙂

    Sad – It ripped during the session and I had to throw it away! I found another similar one on Etsy that I can use for our family photos next week. I wish I had the money to dress her in nothing but simple little dresses like that all the time.

  2. Awe the first one is my favorite! I also love the last one of you and her. Girls are the best. I love having a little girl too!

  3. I love that last one so much! Personally, I love simple lifestyle newborns. If people called me asking for posed, prop-driven newborn sessions I just send them on to peers who do that better than I do, it’s not my style and I am not confident doing it. Basically: simple is good, and these are great photos.

  4. Beautiful, Jenna. Had to laugh at T1’s finger in his nose—we get that shot all of the time and I’m so over it!! 😉

    Love how it’s hitting you that you have a daughter. Took me awhile, too;)

  5. The last one of you and T2 is stunning!!! My husband and I welcomed our first on Feb 10 🙂 A little girl named Madison. I was so excited when I saw you were pregnant again because I figured we would deliver pretty close.

    Ive read your blog since what seems like the beginning of time so its pretty cool. Love all your posts – keep them coming!

  6. I am a young womens leader and love your temple time capsule idea…could you let me know everything you put in it? my mia maids are so excited to do it…and yours sounded amazing!! thanks…your baby is gorgeous!!

  7. Beautiful pics but man… I have to say that last one is kind of evil because it looks so relaxed and perfect and anyone who has had two kids knows those moments are fleeting. Yet still… I look at that and think, heck, I could have another one… 🙂

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