Taking Pictures Next To A Window

Remember the Nana and Me photos? A friend on Facebook asked me a question about taking pictures of her kids, and I decided to make this example to show her where to place her kids and herself next to a window when taking pictures. This is the setup we used to take those pictures with my mom.

where to place subject in relation to window when taking a picture

I clear out all of the stuff in that corner whenever I want to do a photo shoot in the house, as I like the blank space and the beautiful light. It’s best if you can choose a north-facing window as well.


5 thoughts on “Taking Pictures Next To A Window

  1. Good to know, thanks for sharing. Is there a specific time of day you try to shoot at?

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    Jenna Reply:

    With that room, between 11-1 is best. I watch the light to see how it changes.

  2. Jenna,

    What a great idea, now that it is lighter much later into the day I will be able to come home from work and have my favorite kind of light to work with, end of day daylight (twilight?). I love that is gives the golden glow of the sun. I am going to try this this weekend!!

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