Family Photos, March 2013

These are a mixture of photos by my mom and Kristin of Dezember Photography. Dezember is based on Utah, but Kristin travels out to the Bay Area on a regular basis if you’d like to work with her as well.  I’m so glad we did these with my parents here, because getting myself ready, as well as a 3-week-old and an almost-3-year-old without the extra help would have left me sweating right after I got my makeup on.

Yay! A beautiful picture of me with my newborn daughter to match the many wonderful images I have of me with my newborn son.

My mom wanted a picture of the grandparents on the bed with a happy baby and a bouncing boy. Neither of the kids were interested in cooperating but I think the resulting image is a more accurate portrayal of reality anyway.

After we took pictures we went downstairs and had cake and opened presents.

The next two are some of my favorite pictures of him, ever. They perfectly describe who he is at this moment in time.

And look. I was there! I was at my own child’s birthday party and I have photo proof. Over the years there will be many parties where I forget to hand the camera over and ask someone to take a photo, so these pictures mean a lot. I’ve talked about this before, but it’s always shocking (and sad) to me how few images I have of me with my mom over the years. Take lots of pictures with your kids!

Who needs a fork? He dove right in.

I attempted a rainbow cake for his birthday. It was a bit of a Pinterest Fail. :)

A big thank you to my mom for doing some video for us as well. I’m not in photos very often, but I’m almost non-existent in our family videos.

And now my post-writing time is all through, as T1 has brought me the car you see in this photo and told me it is broken. I think he threw it down the stairs…

8 thoughts on “Family Photos, March 2013

  1. I love these, Jenna, it is such a beautiful set! Going through the Green Card process, I was horrified to realise that out of thousands of images…I had hardly 20 with my husband and I together because I am always the ones taking the photographs. From here on out, I am getting people to take photos of us as often as I can remember.

  2. I love seeing the ones your mom took as well! That was such a fun day and T1 was absolutely adorable about his balloons and presents! Watching you two play his new little game was so cute, you can tell he loves his time with you. It was so fun to see you for a bit and chat, and I will let you know when I am out in June (finalizing everything this Friday!) so maybe we can get together for a bit and do our swap :)

  3. I love this post and I love that you’ll have photos with you and your kids in them. We recently took family pictures and I already treasure having some of me in them with my daughter. I’m usually behind the camera, so I need to focus on being in the photos in the future.

  4. T1 is adorable! I like the last one especially: he looks so happy and focused on his “work” (of playing). It really captures the cutest (imo) thing about toddlers.

  5. I love the black and white of you and T2. Beautiful and a great match to the one you have with T1.
    Am I dreaming or is T1 picking up on your cute clapping habit?

    And I hear you on the photos. I take most of them, although my husband’s been picking up the camera a lot more since she was born to take pictures. So he gets practice now. But I still have to remind him to get me in the shots too. Videos are the worst too… It definitely takes some reminders on our side (which means we also need to remind ourselves). So worth it though.

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