10% Down

Today the scale showed me that I have lost 10% of my body weight since TWLC4 began. I started at 177 and today I weighed 158 (which is only about 2 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight!) I don’t have any great progress pictures yet, but you can sort of see what’s going on using my DietBet  weigh in/out photos.



The progress



If you’ve fallen off the wagon, come back! Start weighing in regularly on the Google Doc and participate in the Facebook group again. It helps, I promise.

At this rate I might even be able to hit my goal weight by this round of TWLC! Something I never would have believed could be possible. I’ll write up what I’ve been doing when I take some nicer pictures at the halfway point.


22 thoughts on “10% Down

  1. Oh man – you could have totally done healthywage.com and won $125 by that!

    Jenna Reply:

    I know! I thought I couldn’t do it so I didn’t dare :). But I actually have a nice little wad of cash sitting in my DietBet account! I’m going to use it at the Nordstrom sale.

  2. Wow – nice work! What is your goal weight?

    Jenna Reply:

    Somewhere around 125, based on my high school weights I think that will be a good place for me.

    Celeste Reply:

    Oh man, I genuinely don’t want to come across as a troll, so understand this is not that. But I’m really bothered by the “weigh what I weighed in high school” mentality. We were children then. We are adults now, some of us with bodies forever altered by pregnancies. We may, through excercise and diet achieve that same weight – even healthily! But our videos are different, and I wish there was less pining for what we were and more embracing who we are now.

    Celeste Reply:

    Also, you do look fabulous. Congrats on hitting your goals!

    Jenna Reply:

    When I was 16ish I had breasts and hips and thighs. Yes, the breasts and hips and thighs of a young woman, but they certainly weren’t those of a child. My weight ranged from 118-140 during that time period and I’m taking 125 as a guess. If I hit 135 and can’t make it any lower with a decent amount of work and feel satisfied with my body than that is a good stopping point. But I am carrying a LOT of fat around my middle right now so I know I still have a long ways to go. I think striving for a slim body (and certainly my personal version g slim will always be very curvy) is different than striving for the body of a supermodel/child.

    Celeste Reply:

    I get what you are saying: I have my own personal number that is probably way way way lower than I could get to and maintain without serious sacrifices (red wine is absolutely a serious sacrifice). But I think there is a difference – semantics, but still a difference – between “slim body” and “high school body”. I know many people who have hit 30, started running or Crossfit-ing or yoga-ing and being more mindful of what they eat as their metabolism slowed and are probably smaller than they’ve ever been. They still don’t look like high schoolers, you know?

    Jenna Reply:

    Saying I am shooting for my high school weight is not the same as saying my high school body 🙂

  3. Looking great! Are you breast feeding? If so, do you think that’s helping?

    Jenna Reply:

    No, I stopped at 6 weeks. That’s also when I started losing weight. I had to eat a lot of carbs (fiber) to keep my milk supply up and now I eat almost no carbs (no wheat specifically) which I think is something that I have to do to lose.

  4. You look fantastic! My losses are so, so slow right now. I am going to get my thyroid checked because something is serious up 🙁

  5. Congrats! I’m just at the start of my own weight loss plan – I’ve lost 2kg and have 20 more to go!

    You look so good! x

  6. Congratulations! I’m trying to lose pregnancy weight (and 30 pounds from my previous pregnancy) now too. It’s coming off slowly, but still coming off. I can’t wait to get to the 10% point.

  7. Impressive! If I may ask, what’s your meal plan and workout routine?

    Jenna Reply:

    I’ll talk about that some more in a month or so. I’m going to do official halfway pictures then.

  8. Jenna, you look great I am at that same weight that you were and you have inspired me. When you are heavy sometimes it seems impossible to lose it. I am glad you are showing me it can be done!

  9. congrats! I met my 10% goal 2 weeks ago, then had a girls weekend and now I’m up 2 lbs. Oops. Slowly I’m making it to my goal of 125 (my freshman year of college weight, once I could feed myself better and didn’t live entirely off crappy -didn’t know it at the time- boarding school food). I’m almost 1/2 way to my goal too 🙂

    This weight loss thing isn’t so hard, I have a feeling keeping it off is going to be the hard part :/

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