One Quick Take

Now that she’s crawling I have to put her in the crib every time I want to take a shower – it’s the only way I can bathe without stressing there is an errant rock or small toy that I missed somewhere on the floor. I stick her in with a bottle and a basket of toys and hope that I have time to rinse the conditioner out of my hair before the screaming starts. Last week I emerged with dripping hair to find T1 had climbed into the crib as well, fully clothed with shoes on, sitting beside her watching a movie.

Whatever keeps them happy, you know?

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  1. Maybe you could make this his job, with a reward? Entertain your sister, with puppets or toys, for 15 minutes, and then you can watch a movie:).

    Jenna Reply:

    I am slowly starting to introduce chores/responsibilities for him. First up was putting his shoes and socks away when we get home from school.

  2. I like that he initiated this himself. Spending time with his sister all on his own without having to be asked to do so. Brotherly love and mama’s helper <3 XX

  3. I have 2 babies — 21/2 and 10 months — I would never ever advise anyone to leave your small children unattended together – even for a minute. Your older kid is not a rational, responsible, fully functional being. In the 30 seconds you were rinsing your hair, who knows what your oldest could do to “help” the baby from crying. I separate my kids when I need to do something. I also shower during nap or bedtime so I know they are both secure.

    I would take any criticism as long as it saves kids from being hurt. I know I don’t know the whole story but seriously kids should not be left alone together for any length of time.

    MissPinkKate Reply:

    If it were me, I might try to bring the baby with me in/outside the bathroom in my line of sight in an exersaucer, and let the toddler entertain himself.

  4. Wow! You really do catch flack for everything, don’t you?! I have a 3 yr old and a 3mo old and sometimes they require being left alone for a minute. I have no idea how some of these people commenting get anything done. They obviously have plenty of time to criticize you (all while making sure each child is in their separate bubble I’m sure). Anyway, it’s a very sweet picture! I’m sorry there are so many unrealistic crazies out there!

    Jenna Reply:

    The realistic one = LOL

    Jessica @ One Shiny Star Reply:

    No joke! 🙁

  5. Be careful! My sister’s oldest dislocated her youngest’s arm. She left them alone for only a few seconds.

  6. It’s a big deal & so not a big deal.

    You do what you need to do depending on your kids mood/situation.
    Sometimes i turn a dvd on for my oldest and have the baby in the bouncer!

    Or both kids are in the master bedroom locked
    In with me. A baby gate up on the bathroom doorway so i can hear/
    See them- and safe floor toys are available for my toddler to play with (little people toys are not choking hazards).

    Or my toddler is on the master bedroom
    Bed watching netflix while baby had tummy time.

    Each scenario- i am not taking a long luxurious shower. It’s a power shower unfortunately.

    And no matter how many times i have told my toddler NOT to climb in the crib she still does behind our back at the most unexpected random times.

    Chill people. As if everyone has ideal perfect situations daily. Sheesh

  7. It is not safe to leave toddler and infant alone. Or to leave baby with bottle unattended. Advise you to get up before both kids and shower or after they go to bed. Or strap t2 in car seat and set on floor in bathroom during time t1 is in daycare. There are many options open to you that are very realistic. I had two kids same age as you and never had to put them in dangerous situations to take shower. And if it was a crazy day where I couldn’t find that time, I went without that day. Or waited til they went to bed. It isn’t that difficult.

  8. Wow Jenna, did you know you were endangering the lives of your children EVERY TIME YOU TAKE A SHOWER?! Lol! People seriously need to chill out. The picture of T1 and T2 made me smile and I hope when we have a second baby our two kids have as wonderful a relationship as yours do! Such sweethearts 🙂

    Jenna Reply:

    Time to call CPS. *gasp*, I’m about to take a shower this morning.

    Momtracy Reply:

    I am going to be really sad when one or both of your children are seriously hurt because of your blatant negligence, how are you going to feel?

    Hannah Reply:

    Are you insane? Seriously? As someone who actually knows Jenna in the real world, she is a tender, loving and engaged parent with both of her children. Not white knighting, just being truthful. Is she perfect? No. Nobody is.

    Momtracy, you are consistently critical of Jenna no matter what she does. When there is no way you can find fault in her, you don’t comment. I don’t take constructive criticism from hypercritical people who clearly take some perverse pleasure in finding fault in me, so I am hardly surprised that Jenna makes light of your comments, too.

    Momtracy Reply:

    Hypercritical…ok, maybe that is true (for myself as well). And maybe I got off on the wrong foot with Jenna et al. I came to this blog a couple months ago, I think through pintrest or pintrest fail, I can’t remember. I saw some cute pictures of her kids and asked some question about her blog post (I didn’t realize she had the boy in daycare and the girl at home during the day and therefore the blog was confusing). I was immediately told to f&#¥ off by her or one her defenders. Which really confused me, so I continued to follow along to see what the deal is. I only commented because I truly don’t think that Jenna can see the danger in leaving kids alone AT THIS AGE (ie, not forever). Do I think every accident can be prevented? No. But I do think that some common sense measures can be taken, and maybe she doesn’t have common sense (not everyone does). Perhaps that explains where I am coming from. And for the record, I will most likely stop following this nonsense, but I will check back to see if you have some other hatred to throw my way. I just thought I should explain, as I do not really think I am super critical, I was just worried about those babies.

    jenel Reply:

    I read this blog and enjoy it (kids are gorgeous and mom is honest). Momtracy I have seen you criticize Jenna over and over. Seriously-why are you so unhappy?
    Also if you read blogs that don’t align with your own values (extremely narrow minded values I might add) and you disagree with pretty much everything the blogger does and comment to that effect and then someone tells you to eff off-how is that confusing?? When someone tells me to eff off, I get it! Why are you reading in the first place? Go find a nice mommy blogger you like.

    Momtracy Reply:

    Ok. Obviously my ‘tone’ comes accross a lot differently in these little comment boxes than they do in my head. I really don’t understand the backlash. And I don’t understand what you think my “very narrow minded values” are.
    Just to explain (again), ‘I am here’ because I followed a link posted on Pintrest Fail, which I found an amusing concept, to read about the person who started it, and landed here. The first post I read was confusing to me because she was talking about daycare for one of two children, so I asked (what I thought to be nicely) questions for clarification. And was promptly attacked for being a jerk. This is what I found puzzling and check back here to see what is going on….
    Well, obviously, I still don’t get it. I honestly was commenting from a place of concern that Jenna didn’t see the dangers of what she witnessed because she ends her blog post with “whatever makes them happy!” I understand not realizing this could happen, and even posting the picture, but the vibe I got was that she thought it was ok to happen again not seeing danger. Which is (to me) a very easily preventable accident waiting to happen. If you go and read me original comment without whatever mean spin you put on it in your own head, you might see that.
    So, again I don’t really know what is going on over here, it looks like comments must be deleted because there is reference to what ‘everyone’ is saying, but yet I am called out as a unhappy wench, but not others who are voicing concerns. I feel like I have fallen into the twilight zone. Maybe there is only a few of you that are a allowed over here? And why does Jenna herself so rarely respond to comments?
    I will just say that if she is working to build a following, it is a unique approach.

    jenel Reply:

    OK maybe tone is difficult to get across the world wide web, but intent isn’t. But still, if I stumbled upon a parenting blog, the essence of which offended me, I wouldn’t continue to read beyond the original scan, and I def. wouldn’t post.
    Your comment that ticked me off originally related to a non-working mom having a young child at pre-school/daycare. Your were ‘confused.” Seriously, in this day and age you are confused about the various ways to parent. Your question was not asked nicely. It was judgmental and intended to inflame.
    I am willing to bet there is a gigantic hole your own life. Go fill it:-)

    Momtracy Reply:

    Apparently you have my original post memorized, could you please direct me to the date it was so I can re-read it? I know that we Germans can be blunt but I find it hard to believe that my first questions (before being attacked) were judgmental. And to be frank, I guess I didn’t realize this was a ‘parenting’ blog. Good grief the description talks of cooking and thrifting… Things I am into, whatever, I don’t care. I just think you really read comments with a skewed perspective and seem ready to attack at any perceived criticism. You have successfully run off a reader who was attempting to find some worthwhile content here. I think I will go and tell my MANY friends to stay away from ‘Pinterestfail’ and ajoining websites because they are ridiculous. Because I am sure you don’t want any of MY friends trodding on this site, because they might leave a comment you think is coming from an empty, sad life. You speak of me be offended by things on this site, the only thing I have found offensive is you. Again, why are you responding and not Jenna? This is so weird.

  9. I don’t have much of an opinion on leaving the children alone. My kids are the exact same age as yours and I know how hard it is to get anything done, like EVER! My solution is to throw money at the issue and I have a nanny many hours a week even though I am a SAHM, which I am sure many people have strong opinions about as well 😉 I did, however, want to chime in that it is time to lower your crib mattress down to the lowest setting! Since she is sitting up and crawling it could be any moment that she starts pulling herself up to a stand (if she hasn’t already!) and could come right out over the top of that crib. That is not a criticism, but just a PSA! Good luck.

  10. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If you posted something about not showering all day long bc of the kids you’d get a slew of comments about how gross that is and how they were able to get a shower, put make up on, dry and curl their hairs every morning and they have 5 kids.

    Momtracy Reply:

    You seriously can’t see safety issues with this scene that was posted?

    Katherine (aka Sparkles) Reply:

    I see your point– but honestly it’s a short term thing.
    Like I previously said- i take power showers. Sometimes i need a shower to wake myself up & refresh to keep going on a good foot for the rest of the day when my hubby works his long hours or i have no respite. I guess i shouldn’t share that i set up my 3 yr old in her bath tub, put on pandora music for her while she played and i took a shower in the next room with my scrwaming baby in his bouncer this evening. Heh heh.

    And all i see in the photo are two adorable kids amused at the situation. I do not see a crazy toddler with a choking hazard/toy/knife attacking his sister. If anything one can tell there is mutual bonding going on here.
    T1: sis- i am watching netflix & making sure you dont harm yourself.
    T2: alright. Join me in my baby jail. My crib is your crib.

    Momtracy Reply:

    I certainly didn’t mean to suggest that t1 would purposely hurt his sister. But three year olds like to ‘help’. I can certainly imagine a scenario where he wants to help her out of the crib, or kicks her in the head while climbing out himself, or gives her toys that are not safe (despite the warning not to give her toys…). I just think it is pretty common sense not to leave someone with your infant where there is a lot of potential for accidents.
    And, no, it is not cool that you leave your three year old to bathe by themself while you are in another room showering. No wonder That Wife has people telling her it is ok to leave an infant to feed themselves and leave the room, when I consider the source it makes sense. I think you all need to get together and attend some basic parenting / baby safety classes.

    Jenna Reply:

    Her child is in the bathtub as a baby jail. No water.

    Momtracy Reply:

    Ok……what is wrong with a playpen in that situation, instead of the tub where the three year old can turn scalding water on themselves? Honestly, I am not trying to ‘snark’ or criticize to be ‘mean’, these are dangerous environments that are easily avoidable. If you really can’t shower when the kids are sleeping in the morning, night or nap time, at least set up a safe situation until they are old enough to be alone for 15 minutes, this stage does not last forever.
    Wait a minute. Three year old in bathtub baby jail? He could climb out no?

  11. The only possible issue I could see in the picture would be that the mattress needs to be lowered and I only say that because my LO flung herself out of her own crib the day after she learnt to sit.

  12. I love that both t2’s socks are half off her feet. 🙂 They’re going to have a ton of fun growing up together!

  13. My first thought when I saw this picture and read your comment was simply love. A big brother who wanted to be near his little sister. End of story.

    Also, some people need to calm the {insert expletive} down. We get it, you think she’s reckless and dangerous. Point taken. She’s not watching your children, and I don’t believe she’s offering to. MOVE ON.

  14. I guess you have to know your kids and the line of what they probably would and wouldn’t do. I’m the person who’s always thinking, if this goes terribly wrong will I blame myself forever? If the worst case is he wacks her with his foot then whatever. But if she fell out of the crib or anything potentially really harmful I wouldn’t want to live with thinking I could have made a different choice and I wouldn’t want my older child living with that either. Listen, at the end of the day your kids are obviously safe and not being put in any danger. I just know so many people with these horrible fluke accidents and it’s so terrible, so there is definitely something to be said for fast forwarding in your head for a second and judging the potential outcomes. I bring toys and a bouncer into the bathroom with me so I can peek at them. It’s less privacy, however being able to see them means you can actually stay in the shower longer. As in shave both legs on the same day, and if that’s not luxurious then I don’t know what is 🙂

  15. I bought a shower curtain with a clear panel and let my kids wander/crawl around in the bathroom under my supervision while I shower.

  16. I don’t understand how you can’t find time to shower when T1 is at preschool? All it takes is a few seconds for a lifetime to alter. T1 climbing into the crib unsupervised, with an iPad, is really an accident waiting to happen. Not to be snarky, just that I work in child care and our standards and continuing education in child development makes me feel super unconfortble with how you leave you children when you can easily shower at another time.

    Hannah Reply:

    Nice how you managed to fit in a little criticism of screen time while you were at it. Sigh.

  17. I think if I made myself think through the worst-case scenario all of the time I would never leave my house! Nor is such an exercise something I care to burden our daughter or any future children with.

    We love our child and keep her happy, safe and secure as best we know how, like most parents I’m sure. The ins and outs of what that looks like, short of child abuse or neglect, are really nobody else’s business. Frankly I’m shocked that so many of you think you have the right, and the authority, to criticize someone else’s parenting!

    PS Jenna is a second-time mom – not sure if you’ve noticed but she appears to so far have raised two happy, healthy kids and has also (shockingly!) managed to keep them alive without your input.

    Hannah Reply:

    Exactly! If people are to think about ‘worst cases’ they’d have to keep their kids in padded rooms for all eternity.

    I find it hilarious that the very same people who are criticising Jenna for getting some paid help as a working SAHM are the ones tearing her to shreds for trying to work out the best way to get a shower with both kids under her feet. With a husband away for work all the time, no less. I have no idea how she does it.

    Hannah Reply:

    Sorry, before the trolls have a go at me, I mean that if you spend your life calculating the tiniest of risks then you will not leave the house. I say this as someone who has, at times, been afflicted with agoraphobia. Taking care is ideal, of course, but the assumption that Jenna now plans to have T1 & T2 hang out in a crib all the live long day is simply ridiculous and overreaching.

    This is called ‘One Quick Take’, after all.

  18. Wow! People sure do love to micromanage how other moms parent.

    How about people remember the rules we were taught as children, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say something at all”? We may not always agree with how other people are parenting but we aren’t the ones raising their children and instead should be spending out time worrying about our own children. What works for one family may not work for another.

  19. Geez, this is why mom-blogging is sort of terrifying to me. If my parenting were scrutinized, surely there would be things to gripe about here or there. Why, just today my 18 month old wandered too far towards a large (but shallow) pond, and I’m ashamed to admit that my focus waned because I was trying to take a picture of him (I guess he’s faster on uneven ground than I realized). But, I learned from that moment. We are always learning, right? I see where others are coming from, but sometimes the sanctimonious tone undermines the perhaps well-meaning message.

    Beth Reply:

    Oh, I agree that if anyone saw a lot of my individual moments as a mother, they’d have plenty to criticize me for and I think I’m a pretty good parent, most of the time anyway:) That’s what I don’t get about bloggers and this whole blogging thing: why put so much out there all he time?

    Maybe it’s because I started having kids before the age of “blog/Facebook/Instagram about it or it didn’t really happen” and didn’t feel the need to share everything, everyday about what my children and I did. I start to feel bad for bloggers getting picked on or called out, but then I remember that no one is forcing them to share so much (especially when it comes to their children and the total lack of privacy kids have these days, but that’s a different conversation:) You should be terrified to mommy-blog if it somehow becomes a mandatory task. Otherwise, just don’t give the public and strangers so much ammo by sharing everything, all the time.

    Jenna Reply:

    But isn’t this the equivalent of saying “Don’t walk on the sidewalk, or I might punch you while you walk past.”

    Just because I am available, doesn’t mean I should be a target.

    Beth Reply:

    I don’t mean to say that you deserve to be criticized. And using your analogy, no one should should punch you of course, but you aren’t exactly just walking silently by either. You are wearing a sandwich board detailing so much of what you think and what you and your children do for anyone to see. You are drawing attention to yourself so it can’t be surprising if someone wants to look at you funny for something you shared and let’s you know about it. You make yourself a target and stick out amongst the others that are not sharing lots of stuff. If that’s what you want to do, then that’s great I guess, but you can’t get all the popularity that comes from lots of people checking your blog or following you on twitter and expect only the positive attention. That would be nice wouldn’t it, but its just not the reality for people who want attention, you’ll get it, but it won’t always be the attention you want.

    I’m just fairly selective and private in what i share online I guess. I have Facebook friends who have post every night just to say that they are going to bed. They literally have to share that almost every night! That’s no private info or damning to them in anyway but it just shows that some people cannot help but share every moment or every thought:)

  20. I’m a longtime reader but I think this is my first time commenting. Jenna, first of all let me say that I do like you. I read you because I enjoy you and I don’t always agree with you but I never have jumped into a comment debate before and sometimes the things people say to you make me insanely uncomfortable.

    That said….I don’t think this is the BEST idea. And I’m kind of appalled that other people can’t see a problem with it. I have a 3.5 year old and a 1.5 year old, and although my oldest is a kind and loving big brother, he’s also just 3. I’ve seen them go from playing nicely together to my oldest deciding that it’s now time to jump on the baby’s head- just for fun. Or sometimes a hug can turn into strangling around the neck because he gets a bit carried away 🙂

    Yes, accidents can happen no matter how careful. But this seems just a touch too risky for me and I don’t know why you’d want to take the chance….that’s all 🙂

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