If you have a TWLC4 After picture, reply to my email and send it my way! (You should have received a reminder email from me last week if you sent me a Before picture in April.)


This is my current Facebook profile picture and I love it because every time I write something I think it adds some ooopmh and happiness to whatever I’m saying. The previous sentence was my somewhat-cheesy way of leading into this next one – that I want to have that same ooomph when it comes to this next round of TWLC! It’s going to be 3 months this round to see if that helps everyone stick with it a bit better (myself included).

How To Participate in TWLC5, November 1st-February 1st

Step 1:

Copy and paste the following sentence in the comment section below. PLEASE COPY THE SENTENCE EXACTLY AS SEEN BELOW.

I would like to participate in TWLC5. 

Step 2:

1. Start drafting an email with the subject line “TWLC5 Before Picture – Insert Your Name Here”. THIS IS CRUCIAL! YOU WILL NOT BE ENTERED UNLESS YOU DO THIS EXACTLY AS DETAILED.

2. Email me a before picture of you from head to toe (or neck to toe if you prefer). I need a picture of your front, back, and sides if possible. I suggest *not* wearing black, wear light colors and tight fitting clothes so you can see a difference!

3. Include a picture of the scale while you are standing on it.

Emails should be sent to thatwife [at] gmail [dot] com.

Optional Step 3:

Click here to join the TWLC Facebook Group. I’ve added some co-admins to help me keep that group humming.

20 thoughts on “TWLC5

  1. I would like to participate in TWLC5.

    Jenna Reply:


    I’m not offering a Jenna Cole session this round. Sorry I didn’t catch that typo! I am going to change your comment to reflect the new indication statement, but if you don’t want to participate anymore let me know.

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