Halloween 2013

I haven’t done a personal photo shoot in a long time, hardly done much more than edit a personal photo once a week, but there is something about Halloween. I love pictures of people in costume. After T1’s preschool parade we came home and took pictures in the front yard. My mom took over the costume duties for the kids (I think it will be a nice tradition, and a way for them to bond with her from so far away) and their costumes were entirely her doing. T1 was Thomas the Tank Engine and T2 was a “Boo Monster”. My mom gave me a cream dress a few months ago, and I’ve been wanting to wear it so I threw a shawl over it and went as a bride.

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T1 took these two. I told him to take a bunch in a row and Spray-n-Pray. Afterward he said to me “I’m real good at praying Ma.”

thatwife019Once it was dark we walked around the neighborhood, joining in with a group of our neighbors for a few houses. Then T1 made me realize the mistake I had made – not doing an official bathroom trip before we left. We walked/ran home and cleaned up, then took our bowl of mini flashlights (a really well-received non-candy option!) outside and welcomed some trick-or-treaters. I think T1 liked giving stuff out to other kids more than he liked collecting candy for himself.  I sat on the porch with T2, and he stood in the front yard screaming “Friends! Trick-or-treats! We have trick-or-treats here friends!”

We called it a night when That Husband arrived home from the airport. I’m bummed that he couldn’t be home just a little bit earlier that night. Next year Halloween is on Friday so we can all be together. Maybe we’ll go all out and do a family themed costume!


6 thoughts on “Halloween 2013

  1. The kids look very adorable…and T1 standing on the lawn enticing trick-or-treaters to come see him is hilariously cute. Are you dressed in traditional Polish bridal clothes or ones from another time/place? I first thought you were a “fancy librarian” but then saw you wrote that you were a bride 🙂

    Jenna Reply:

    I’m going to leave my costume open to interpretation, haha. It cost me $3 (the shawl, at a thrift store) and it was really about me using what I have and dressing up for the day.

  2. I love the non-candy ideas. Unfortunately in our neighborhood, we were the only family that did it.

    My sister works for a party planning company that always has tons of light up/blinky jewelry and such for party giveaways. When they have only a few left, we get them.

    So, mixed in with candy, we had motion activated light up bracelets as well as blinking sun necklaces.

    When we left to trick or treat, we left the bowl on the front porch.

    When we got back, all the bracelets were gone, but there were some candies left. I think they were a hit (and I think they were a good safety item too- for kids trick or treating in the dark, much like the flashlights).

  3. LOVE the non candy idea! I have never seen this before. Is this a trend on the rise?!

    And… great shoes, Jenna!

    Jenna Reply:

    Those are my wedding shoes 🙂

    And we saw lots of glow sticks and spider rings. I like the light up stuff the best because it helps us see the kids in the pitch black.

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