HPJoy Palo Alto Video

HP contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in coming out to their #HPJoy event in Palo Alto to talk to a film crew about some of their products. I got up the courage to watch the video, and I look a little mad — or maybe intense? I wanted to do a good job! While being authentic! I’m going to make a carefree playlist of teeny-bop to listen to beforehand if a similar situation ever presents itself again.

I’ll tell you more about this experience soon, but for now here is the video they put together. T2 makes an appearance in it too!

**I have received two HP Chromebooks for my review and comments. One of those is to give to one of you!**

11 thoughts on “HPJoy Palo Alto Video

  1. I don’t think you look mad at all! And T2 looks super cute in that little hooded sweater :)

    Jenna Reply:

    Her great-grandma made it for her!

  2. You look and sounds great! I have followed your blog from the Bee days and well I must say I am really enjoying it now and I find inspiration in all you do and how you stand up for what you believe and feel. I also love how you seem more real. ( I don’t mean that in a bad way I promise)! :-)

  3. Do we just comment for a chance to get the Chromebook, or are you setting up a rafflecopter giveaway?

    Jenna Reply:

    I’ll write another post with a review, and set up a Rafflecopter for the giveaway.

  4. Wasn’t too bad! Just need to smize and smile a little more next time. I figure it’s like projecting on stage- if you feel like you’re doing too much, you’re probably doing just enough.

  5. So are you actually going to give away the second Chromebook? I know it’s been Thanksgiving and all that, but you did post this over a week ago, and you could have easily set up a scheduled post.

    Jenna Reply:

    I didn’t have it yet when I wrote this post. And I’m writing a review so I needed some time to use it first!

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