One Quick Take

We went to the Oakland ZooLights on Saturday evening. Finding manageable things to take the kids to when I’m without TH is tough because it’s much easier to have an enjoyable time when you can play man-to-man on kids this age. Not only was this an inexpensive, very age-appropriate activity, but we were able to go with T1’s best friend Trey, Trey’s mom, and Trey’s grandma. The other adults helped me hold T2 and keep T1 from getting lost ,and I was able to take pictures and be in the pictures, which is something I rarely do anymore. The Zoolights cost us $15 for our family and I think we’ll make it a yearly tradition.

*T1 frequently says “He is my best friend. I miss him every day. But when does not play with me, he is not my best friend.


3 thoughts on “One Quick Take

  1. You and your children are beautiful. Happy to hear you found something you could do with your kids while your husband is away.

  2. If you are looking for more fun, kid-friendly things — check out Christmas in the Park in San Jose. This Sat morning there is free arts and crafts from 11 to 2, lots to walk around and look at, and musical performances from noon to 9 pm. The event lasts until New Years day.

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