6 thoughts on “One Quick Take

  1. I notice that you (and most bloggers) don’t get nearly the amount of comments on these “happy” posts as you do when you write on more controversial subjects, and sometimes I wonder how bloggers feel about that, or how/if it influences their writing topics.

    Of course, that’s neither here nor there. Mainly I just want to say that I LOVE the posts where I see T1 or T2 or both or all three of you or all four of you having a slice-of-life good time. I’m not one to do a whole lot of commenting, but I just love this post, and the others that are like it. Good times!

    Jenna Reply:

    These posts I write for my family, because they like the little updates for the kids. I know they won’t get many comments, and that’s okay. The person who creates an app who makes it easy to comment from your phone will get very rich because I would love that.

  2. He is so sweet, I just love him! I know it’s challenging, but I can’t wait until Emerson is that age and I get to experience all of the cute little things she does. One of these days when we’re up in the Bay Area I’d love to get together with you and your sweet kids!

    Jenna Reply:

    Yes! I still owe you photos, remember?

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