Dr. Laura Markham Presentations in the Bay Area


I’m diving headlong into the parenting school of thought that advocates gentle discipline and the development of emotional intelligence. A friend referred me to Aha! Parenting and I saw that Dr. Laura Markham is doing a book tour at the end of January, with several of the events being held only 30 minutes from me.

I’m going to go to How to Get Kids Cooperating without Threats, Bribes or Consequences on the 28th of January. Let me know if you’re going to go as well, I’m thinking about organizing a dessert trip afterward so we can all discuss the changes we’re going to make.

6 thoughts on “Dr. Laura Markham Presentations in the Bay Area

  1. I am so jealous! I love Dr. Laura Markham and would love to hear her speak! Can you ask her to come to Chicago for me? I can’t wait to hear your review of this session.

    Jenna Reply:

    I didn’t know about her until last week when a friend mentioned her. It was lucky timing to log on to her site and see all of the speaking engagements she has scheduled near me!

  2. This is just down the street from me, will have to try and make it. Afterwards, head over to Dolce Bella Chocolates and Cafe – they make amazing desserts and chocolates in house – and it’s practically across the street from the church.

  3. Good on you- I know I find it easy to lose track of my parenting ideals when I get caught up in the hustle of every day life. I find frequent reading and reflection to be invaluable parts of my toolbox, and that it all sinks in even better when I’ve attended courses and seminars. I have found adopting a gentle form of parenting has helped me to be more empathetic with my kidlet, and to enjoy my time with him more (that’s not to say more authoritarian parenting can’t achieve those goals; just that gentle parenting and positive discipline has been what worked for me and him).

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