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Many moons ago I asked for people to send in their TWLC4 Results photos. A few people replied, and then I let the photos get buried in my email folders. Today, as we near the end of TWLC5 (it was the shortest round yet) I have unearthed those photos for you because these women deserve to have their accomplishments celebrated. Including me! I need some motivation to keep going and looking at how far I’ve come in the last year is really effective.

Between April 15 and October 15 of 2013 I lost 24 lbs. That was enough to get me back into my pre-pregnancy clothes! Now it’s time for some toning. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between 150 and 155lbs throughout TWLC5 and it’s very frustrating that I can’t seem to dip below 150 and stay there.



thatwife002-1 thatwife003


Kate, of, wrote she dropped 24 lbs throughout 2014, and I love how happy she looks with her progress in the photos below. Check out the hot bikini she is aiming to wear in July of this year. That’s my goal for 2014 as well, to wear a bikini. Maybe a little window shopping for skimpy swimwear will help me get there?


thatwife007 thatwife007-1 thatwife008

Danielle lost 15lbs and wore the same clothes so you can really see how she whittled down her love handles. Nice work Danielle!thatwife009 thatwife011 thatwife012


I really love feeling like my efforts to make positive dietary and lifestyle changes are part of a group effort. Thank you to those who have teamed up with me over the past few years, especially during the times when I have been a mediocre (or non-existent) challenge leader. I’m not sure yet if I’ll do a TWLC6, though I’m learning toward no. The TWLC Facebook group is what I’ve been able to consistently keep up with. If you join the Facebook group, make sure and turn the notifications on because I cull the membership every so often in order to keep the member list limited to those who are active.

I really hope 2014 is the year that I can finally finish this process off and shift my focus to other things. Maintaining is going to be so much better than losing.

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  2. Congratulations to everyone here on getting healthy! Proud of all of you. I really wish your goal wasn’t to “wear a bikini”. Nothing is stopping you right now from doing that. I hate the thought of someone not wanting to wear something because ‘society’ says it’s not okay. Bikini’s come in all sizes.

    You’ve been doing a great job teaching your children that they can wear anything they want. You should be showing that example too!

  3. I felt stuck for a long time and then I did the Advocare cleanse. I lost 8 lbs. taking some probiotics and fiber along with a cleanse tablet. You actually eat with this cleanse whole foods, carbs, high protein. It worked for me. I do it every 90 days to reset my digestion and maintain.

  4. I’ve been working on losing weight as well, and have found the recipes from to be an awesome help. Nearly everything we’ve made has been delicious and all of it is healthy, most with “clean” foods. (Plus my husband loves the recipes – he didn’t believe they were diet food :).) Might be worth checking out as you’re experimenting with cooking; I think they’d be good for helping maintain too.

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