5 thoughts on “One Quick Take

  1. They are precious! She is so beautiful! I have two 14 mo apart and they arnt as nice to each other!

  2. This is the cutest picture. I love the expression on their faces and that they seem to be enjoying each other’s company so much!

    As you’ve been rethinking your parenting strategies, have you been rethinking your use of technology at all?

    Jenna Reply:

    Yes! My new motto is “Outsourcing childcare in order to be productive is never something to feel guilty about.” And because I know I am an educated adult individual with an ability to judge my own actions and ask for feedback from trusted individuals, I don’t need to worry about what everyone else might think about the way I hand the ipad over in order to take a shower or do the dishes. My house is taken care of, and that makes me happier, and my kids like being around me when I am happier.

  3. We’ve gotten to that point with our two boys. The only option has been to not have the ipad at all except in the car with it strapped to the seat (no touching because touching leads to fighting). Luckily they are old enough to play together now, so there is more happiness without the ipad than with it. If i’m really in a pinch, the baby wants the ipad and the preschooler is fine on my phone. Super cute photo.

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