7 thoughts on “One Quick Take

  1. Is T1 dancing in the background? Such a great shot!

    Jenna Reply:

    He’s jumping up and down as his wind-up toy waddles down the sidewalk :)

  2. Oh look at those little legs, so cute. Love the stripy onesie, I need to know where you got it! :)

    Jenna Reply:

    Thrifted, I think. It has a bear on it, I can’t remember which logo that is. If it isn’t in terrible shape you can have it!

    Hannah Reply:

    I have no idea, but it looks adorable. I am happy to take hand-me-downs (my husband is the baby shopaholic, not me!) and I can never say no to stripes :)

    stephanie Reply:

    The bear is Baby Gap. Usually too pricey for us but their clearance rack can be great!

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