One Quick Take

My brother-in-law from Poland was in town on business for a few days and we all loved having him stay with us. Uncles are a wonderful thing, aren’t they? T2 liked using him as a lounging spot for drinking her bottle, and T1 couldn’t get enough of the wrestling and tickling. My favorite part was having another adult in the house in the mornings and evenings. He’s planning to come back again in a few months, and we hope he will stay with us again. And I’m hearing rumors that my sister-in-law might be able to come too. It will be her first trip to the US and I’m so excited to experience new things with her.

Have you ever shown someone around your country/locale for the first time? What did you show them and did it help you see your surroundings in a new light?

8 thoughts on “One Quick Take

  1. I’m sure the kids loved having their uncle around. There’s just something inherently fun and thrilling about uncles. Is this TH’s brother in law? Has he changed his stance on having his picture posted online?

    Jenna Reply:

    Yes, TH’s sister’s husband. Very perceptive of you, he has indeed changed his stance. I was shocked and had to ask him a few times to make sure I understood him. It will mean more pictures from our June Poland trip can be posted!

  2. Aw, I love LOVE meeting new relatives who live far away! And Poland is such a neat area – my own family is from Lithuania (I’m 2nd generation American, so it’s bit far back), but I’ve been to that area now about four or five times.

    Jenna Reply:

    Your photography business name is adorable! I like your bright and colorful editing style, and the quote at the bottom of your site about lines being dots that go for walks.

  3. The best!! I think dominant US culture privileges nuclear family structures, when for a long time kids were raised by many relatives and other community members. Gets me thinking about the idea of chosen family, and how to share/distribute kid raising responsibilities.

    I love giving tours of NYC, and showing out-of-towners (like you!) the rich culture that exists outside of touristy places.

    Jenna Reply:

    Mmmm those popsicles were so yummy!

  4. I’m an expat myself, so I show relatives around in my new country (and the towns and cities I’ve lived in or close by) a lot, and I love how it always gives me a reason to do touristy things, explore and just walk around with my eyes open instead of rushing from A to B.

    I just had my oldest niece stay with my family for three weeks and it was awesome – even a regular grocery shopping trip turned into our very own cross-cultural study. I already miss her and have started to plan for fun things to do with our next visitors.

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